Indian Recipes – How to Make Indian-Style Basmati Rice

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Get the 5-star recipe for Indian-Style Basmati Rice at Watch how to make flavorful Indian-…

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sub zero says:

I prefer using 2 cinnamon sticks, 4 cardamom pods, and no cumin, but that’s
just me

Marcella Leocadio says:

Amei!!! Mto Obrigado!!! :)

girl43 says:

Actually, masala means mix.

SylvanaForrester says:

Thanks to all of the Indian commenters for chiming in. I will make Jeera
Rice tonight to have with a chicken curry that I am making and my mouth is
already watering! From the north to the south, India produces some of the
most amazing cuisine in the world. I am in love with the food of India!

JohnBoy1776 says:

Thank you finally some one who know’s how to cook rice properly all these
other videos people are drowning their rice in water like its pasta

Ananth Krishnan says:


Stacey Judith says:

Basmati is just the type of rice grain.. It’s longer and has more flavour
and fragrance than normal rice.. This recipe is for Jeera (cumin) rice made
using Basmati rice so you can actually use any white rice to make it..
Although Basmati is much more tastier!!

Bea Wojtera says:

Can I use brown rice instead?

Jithin John says:

when u say basmati rice, its usually just cooked rice…. this is actually
called “Jeera rice” in India where jeera means the cumin seeds she added in
the beginning

Crystalight2001 says:

Well, to make it more like Indian Style Basmati rice you will need to add
spices and Masala.

Safa Harris :3 says:

its not baZsmati…….its baSmati rice…..the pronunciation

Allrecipes says:

Thanks for your question Bea! You can certainly use brown rice instead of
Basmati. Enjoy :)

Crystalight2001 says:

But masala is no just a powder. If you add teeka masala it will add flavor

Safa Harris :3 says:

isn’t this jeera rice…….(jeera-cumin seed)

HotwingsBleuCheeze says:

ha! lmao!

Jithin John says:

indians usually remove the starch from rice by just washing it well in

miraclemaui says:

u dont have to be a jerk azhenchen..

Patrick Bonnard says:

what is the ingredient after the two cloves, thanks?

Darth Flynn says:

She used whole spices, and Masala is just powered spice anyway

Safa Harris :3 says:

masala is indian for spices …… and masala is the powdered version

Darth Flynn says:


Allrecipes says:

Thank you for your question. The next ingredient is one tablespoon of cumin
seed. You can see the full list of ingredients and measurements in the link
provided in the description part of this video. Enjoy!

Ananth Krishnan says:


Lone Star says:

Thanks! very easy to prepare.

HotwingsBleuCheeze says:

she? you mean it. sounds like f*cking robot to me.

azenchen says:

“Tell your guests to remove the cinnamon stick, cardamom, and cloves…”,
wow how about you stick to cooking and leaving the hosting to people who
aren’t total dicks.

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