Instant Pot Israeli Chili (Mediterranean Lamb Stew)

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Recipe Here!:

A huge thing that goes into my travel planning requires that the destination boast amazing foods to try. I’m not even kidding. Travel is love. Love is food. And Israel has some of the most flavorful food to offer.
So after spending ten INCREDIBLE days in the Holy Land, I was so inspired not only by the sights I saw and the friendships I made with some seriously amazing people, but, of course, the food as well!
And between all of the falafel, shawarma (gyro), hummus and salads I ate, I HAD to come up with something that was my own creation, but also took the flavors of this mystical land back with me.
After racking my brain on what to do, it all came clear to me to try something that fuses these flavors in a magical stew – a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern Lamb Stew, in fact! And I’ll tell you, this creation of mine is so incredible, words can’t even begin to describe the wondrous flavors and textures going on here. It’s practically a rich Middle Eastern Chili rooted in incredibly flavorful spices!
Not only is this stew abundant and truly wonderful in the way it combines, it’s a SNAP to make in your Instant Pot!

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LadyMaltese says:

Fantastic lamb recipe! I'm always looking for good recipes with lamb so if you can add more it would be great. Food from Israel and the Mediterranean are always delicious!! The topping of your homemade tzatziki and pickle sound smashing!! Also think your hair looks cute and cool.

Alexander K. says:

Ahh! Delicious! Could I ask you to please consider using either white or black plates for ladling food from the IPot? Your colored plates and bowls do distract me a bit from the actual food colors. Anyway — please keep going on and on!

Cate Eales says:

This was absolutely delicious, and dead easy to make. This recipe makes enough for an army, though! Next time I'll either cut it in half or have a party.

Thank you for this. Just a wonderful stew!

vdhk love says:

Now Israel has its own food lol falafel so not only stole the country but also the food and culture

yodheytheway says:

I made this tonight with ground lamb and turkey. It is delucious!

emmgeevideo says:

Tip for getting tomato paste out of the can if you’re using the entire can: Open one end of the can, then open the other. Then push the second end inward. As the paste comes out, slide the first end across the round part of the can to remove paste stuck to it— and to keep it out of the pot. Press slowly and evenly with your finger or the back end of a wooden spoon. The second end of the can will plop into the pot with the cylinder of tomato paste. Fish it out and scrape any paste on it with a narrow spatula. Use that spatula to scrape any remaining bits out of the can. I find that this technique gets almost all of the tomato paste out of the can in record time without a spoon.

Melanie Wolfgang says:

Wow! There are a lot of ingredients in there!

GnarbySZN🐍 says:

Free Palestine 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸

James Norvell says:

Thats looks likw a pretty good dump stew ill try it

Marcus Wilson says:

I feel like there's an easier waayyyyy lol Looks good bro! Gonna try this weekend, just got my instant pot over the weekend.

Tinkerbelli Cheddar-Toade says:

My friend made this stew. It was so good😊

Andrey Prudkiy says:

I love this cooker!>>> I grew up around pressure cookers in the kitchen, and knew of the danger that they could blow up if not properly taken care of. This cooker almost makes it impossible to fail. The fact that it's electric was originally why I was attracted. I usually prepare meals on Sunday for my husband and I to last the week. This cooker has made it possible for me to cut the cooking time in half, without changing the quality of the meals. It was a great purchase, I'm happy I did it.

Sandy S says:

I finally made this and it was delicious! Thank you for sharing and making it so easy to follow!

First John says:

Israeli lol GTFO

PBarr says:

Omg just love this, my mouth is watering! Can't wait to try this.

Leighanna Marie says:

Thanks for your little joke about how you eat lamb. It's comforting in an age of food shaming. I've never tried lamb, but given your enthusiasm, I'm going to get some for this recipe! There's a market near me that sells a much wider variety of fresh cut meats including lamb, I was just hoping to come across a good recipe before buying it. THANK YOU!

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