Instant Pot Wendy's Chili

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If you love Wendy’s Chili then you’re gonna love this Instant Pot Wendy’s Chili Copycat recipe!
It’s the closest to Wendy’s Chili that I’ve ever found. And since it’s made in the #Instantpot, you can have it anytime – it only takes 7 minutes of pressure!
Get the printable recipe here:

Get the Spurtles here:
Instant Pot Ultra:
Gebhardts Chili powder

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brooks496 says:

Didn’t have Wendys to compare, maybe later. But this is the best chili I’ve ever had. Full of flavor just absolutely delicious. And so easy to make. Thanks.

Dannymclovin69 says:

What if you don't have a fancy pot like that how long over the stove?

Brian Christopher says:

what's up with your cabinet hardware? a little miss-matchy?

Dylan Boss says:

This video was necessary to put on YouTube.

캐나다직장인CanadaAlone says:

I'm a huge fan of Wendy's chili, this is a must watch video, good good

Sandra says:

Thanks for the recipe! Where did you happen to get your spurtle? I’d like to get one for my husband, who loves cooking with our Instant Pot. 😀

Aaron Leung says:

He holds chili knowledge in that beard

T G says:

This is spot on. Amazing!! TY :)

T G says:

This is spot on, Amazing!!! TY :)

Tammy Dear says:

Wendy's chili has chunks of tomatoes 👍

Sherman Mathieu says:

Another great choice for a very tender meat to counteract the firmness of beef is ground elk. When I grind mine, I add about 10% beef fat, or suet. Mixed with ground beef, it makes beef recipes more tender and adds a bit more hearty meat flavor.

Tamie Martin says:

My dad and I made 2 batches today! Perfect! Thank you!

Cabo Wabo says:

I love those Wendy's hot chili seasoning packets they give you. Is there any way to make that stuff at home?

Mary Aldaco says:

Tell me are we the only ones that don’t get ground beef in Wendy’s chili? Honestly the Large City we live in , Wendy’s use whole burgers- Maybe they’ll cut it in half. Not Sure , But tastes like prom n beans are added too. Some one tell me if Their chili from Wendy’s is like this. Tastes ok other than that.

foofoo blenda says:


Ronald Raygun says:

all the flavor without the "natural flavor" of wendys

Peter Childs says:

Do you use v8 vegetable juice or tomato juice? it looks fantastic! Thank you!

lilycakes49 says:

I made this today and it was amazing. I ended up using low sodium v8 juice but it still had so much flavor 😊

Josh B says:

There is no celery in it… The chili is made of their left over cooked burgers they didnt sell

JR E says:

Wendy's chili meat is tough because it is twice cooked. The beef that goes into the chili already was cooked as burgers that could no longer be served as burgers because they were too old.

James Huey says:

I don't mean this as being critical at all. Maybe it is just the video, but to me, both look to be somewhat watery or thin. More like a soup than a chili. Not saying it ain't good, but just looks somewhat watery to me. I love to add a little handful of oyster crackers to my chili when I eat it. Never had any Wendy's chili to know what it tastes like, as my wife always made our's. I am a newbie with the Instant Pot, so I am just learning and videos such as this add to ideas of something good for me to cook. My wife is still working, but I am retired, so she is letting me cook more and more these days. Thanks for the video.

Michael Thorne says:

Wendy's uses a pink bean i believe is the name. Not pinto.

David Cook says:

That looks so good. My wife and i love your videos and recipes. So cool brother.

Akow says:

I worked for Wendys for two whole days as a Store Manager in training. At the end of my 2nd day, I had a meeting with the store manager who was training me and the area manager on how I was doing, the store manager said I caught on to everything very fast but I complained a lot on how Wendys does things and the Area manager wanted to go over that with me. She told me, it's not a choice on how to do things and If I didn't like it I should just quit now. Now she didn't ask what I complained about and was really rude when talking with me. So, I told her there are Federal and state laws everyone has to follow when it comes to cooking and handling food, and Wendys has to follow those rules or get closed down. I told her I'm not going to quit but I'm not going to put meat in a bucket that sits on a table in the back all day and then put it in the freezer so it can be used to make chili. I was let go right after saying that LOL. That's how much Wendys make it " yes even today" some even have a pot next to the stove because they are too lazy to walk to the back. When a health inspector comes in, they claim it's meat being thrown out because they don't need it for chili. would explain why I got so sick after eating their chili before I worked there. Most of this I got from others that worked at Wendys and a few ex-managers from Wendys I worked within other places. So, Make it at home and be safe.

Robert L. Crocker says:

Wendy's chili is made with cooked hamburger patties that have gone beyond their pull time so that is a bit difficult to replicate

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