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Nordin Hock says:

You cook whole? No need tu cut small pieces

Playtime With Marley says:

Great video these look so tasty can’t wait to give them a go at home for my family!

Dinoriffic Toy Fun says:

Mmmmm this looks so good and i love that it's instant pot.

Carla Kristia says:

I'm very interested in indian cuisine. Lots of spices and flavor. And looks easy to cook. πŸ‘

Sunday Vibes says:

oh my goodness this looks amazingly good! wish I could have some haha

Christopher Flippen says:

OMG!!! YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! Only three and a half minutes in and my mouth is already watering!

esquizz says:

Looks good! I wanna try it

Tha Real With REL says:

Not only did those recipes look tasty and delicious then looked super easy to make. I need to invest in an instant pot myself. My cooking skills are limited. Great Video

Ghie Optimist says:

The aroma of spices and the hot spicy taste makes me love Indian cuisine, gonna try some of your menu soon.

Arman Malik says:


Marcia Gomes says:

I love my IP

Lipstickz & Glitz says:

Omg! This looks so yummy! I want to try and make this!

The Legendary House of Shay says:

The food looks delicious and easy to prepare. I love Indian food, especially the fragrant spices. I think I can try a few of these. Great job!

How To Leave The 9 to 5 says:

Hey great Indian recipes! I support your channel!

Short Story Universe says:

Would love to try this. lol. Looks amazing! Thanks!

Sempurai 007 says:

Looks good..and somehow I can smell it…yummy!!😊

John W says:

It looks soo good! Thanks for sharing

All Dolled Up- the series says:

Yummy! I never had Indian food before. But looks amazing. I need an Instapot.

Updated Version Of Me says:

Nice cooking ware, this recipe is full of spices that makes this dish looks delicious

The Gamer Hippie says:

I love this and I just got an instant pot!!

Deja Voo Nails says:

Great recipe set up β™‘ thanks for sharing

L I F E A S J O Y says:

Looks so good!!!😍

Celestine Visere says:

looks delicious .. πŸ‘©β€πŸ³πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³

J Sashaye says:

This looks yummy, I’ve always wanted to try Indian food but haven’t because I’ve never had it lol

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