International Cuisine – Paula's Home Cooking – Full Episode

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In this episode of Paula’s Home Cooking, Paula goes international and cooks up some amazing international recipes that you can try at home.

Cuban Sandwich with homemade chips –

Alice Joes Spaghetti Sauce –

Fresh Taco Salad –

Mexican Wedding Cookies –


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KLM Hooked Moore says:

Not a Cuban sandwich without roast pork.

lusciousleo1971 says:

I was wondering when the butter would show up

Sammy Hakim says:

All of these international recipes look so tasty Paula.

Darien Tomlinson says:

That looks good my nigga

Cheekyy Blanco says:

I'm sorry but to make a cuban sandwich you have to use a delicious roast pork shoulder and then the sliced deli ham otherwise it's just a hot ham and cheese sandwich. The pork shoulder is what makes it what it is and sets it off. I understand she's not aiming to be authentic with this sandwich just doing a shortcut i guess… but without the pork shoulder it truly is just a ham and cheese sandwich.

RAH520 says:

Paula Deen would put butter on a plate of spaghetti… I'm just surprised she didn't toss it into the Fry Daddy for another go.

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