Irish Stew – Irish Lamb Stew

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Country Foods says:

Delicious traditional mutton curry recipe

1drkstr says:

Not too different to what I do (Aussie Irish) but quite different to how my parents did it. My parents didn't fry the meat and onions like I and yourself do and they only used mutton, boiled and not browned. Diaspora Irish cooking is better than trad Irish cooking. I wish my ancestors could try my stew and coddle. It's much better than what they ate. Better than eating grass and seaweed and then dropping dead from malnutrition.

BeVazn says:

Aaaahahhaha I rish you could smell this hahahha
Nailed it. Have my like

sushanalone says:

Honestly after searing the meat i just keep the meat in and take it off the heat for 5 sec or so. Then i add the flour on the meat and fat mixture till it starts turning tan colour, and you smell the nuttiness of the flour. Then i put Celery instead of onions to deglaze the pan and then add stock/water (depending on the quantity of meat i am using, i won't use stock if i have a bone and enough meat). Remainder of the recipe is same as you mentioned, to cook the meat for longer , so i add vegetables half way through the cooking process, same concept.
The flour naturally cooks and melds with the rendered lamb fat and gives the stew a heartier, meatier flavour while crisping the meat somewhat so its not watery-soft.

Tammy Christine Rager says:

The secret ingredient is two shakes of cayenne pepper for an Irish kick.

Denis Fitzgibbons says:

Hi John

Must depend on which part of Ireland you come from.

My mother’s recipe:

Shoulder or neck chops (neck is even cheaper)

Coat chops in seasoned flour

Put sliced onions and potatoes in saucepan, then chops.

Cover with water and cook at low heat for 1 ½ hours.

A pure and lean taste, no idea why it tastes so good.

Americans appear to have lost the taste for lamb?

Hidden Gems says:

Irish stew isn’t Irish-American- it’s just Irish. It spread as Irish people travelled all over the world- to many different countries not just America.

PJBearstein says:

What if the fat is not skimmed off? Will you just have a hissy fit?

PJBearstein says:

I would omit the onions. You don't just toss the flour, either you do or you don't.

chemical mike says:

I use lamb shoulder for the extra fat. Yes I keep the bone in too. Sometimes I add Leeks, but reduce how much Onion I use. Trust me, dont add too much Onion and Leeks. Swede along with the potato works well too. Other than that, he does the same as me, and its DELICIOUS! Fresh bread and butter goes well with it too. 😀


I made this and turned out sooo delicious thank you

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