Italian Grandma Makes Braciole

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2 lbs thinly sliced Beef (London Broil/Flank Steak/etc.)
Garlic (minced & crushed)
Fresh Parsley (chopped)
Grated Pecorino Romano Cheese
Red Hot Pepper Flakes
Prosciutto (or Ham as substitute)
Boiled Eggs (chopped)
Provolone Cheese Slices
Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper to taste

1 qt Tomato Sauce
1 qt Peeled Tomatoes
1 small Onion (sliced)
3 Garlic Cloves (crushed)
1 tsp Oregano
1 tsp Basil
Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper to taste

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Who is this lady?
Gina Petitti was born in 1935 in Faeto, Italy. Her family ran a farm in Italy and she met her husband, Vito, in the same town. In 1970 Gina, Vito, and her 4 children immigrated to America. Gina’s husband passed away in 2012, but she is surrounded by a large family, which includes 9 grandchildren, and lives 5 minutes away from her eldest daughter in New Jersey. Gina spends her time cooking, gardening, and being an active member of her local Church.

Why does she make such large portions?
When she was in Italy, she would cook and bake in such large quantities so she wouldn’t have to take time every day to make food, and instead be able to work on the farm. Many of her recipes can be cut in half or quartered if you choose to try them out!

Why is no one helping her in the video?
Grandma Gina doesn’t want help! Usually, it’s because we will slow her down or not do it “her way.” For the videos we only show her, but when the camera cuts we jump in and help form the cookies or prep for the next step.

Why don’t we buy her a new…?
Grandma Gina has a closet and garage full of new gadgets, spoons, forks, pots, etc… but she doesn’t like them because she is used to doing it with her old tools. She has fun getting her hands dirty!

Who is behind the camera?
Her retired son-in-law films, her daughter helps her prep, and she usually has one or two grandkids in the kitchen.

Does Gina read the comments?
We print out and show her how much love she gets from all her viewers, and she is very thankful and hopes you enjoy her cooking! Your comments bring her lots of joy, laughter, and inspiration to make more videos to share with you.

Thank you for watching, we hope you subscribe, and we will see you in our next video!

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Antonio Camacho says:

We love you grandma!!

Rick Cicalo says:

What kind of person dislikes this video? I love Grandma Gina. This is it! This is life! Good food, family, a little vino. What else is there?

Ross Walker says:

Thank the Lord, these kind of recipe's must never be forgotten !

Nancy Johnson says:

Beautiful lady, I love listening to her

Ana Ferenczi says:

Why some ,,nice" people give for her DISLIKE!? ????????
Eat your OMG MCDONALD'S FOODS,chips,cane soup,Coca-Cola, … food……etc,maybe for your body that is healty food!
Love you, Grandma!

C&F LX - BX says:

Great channel, congratulation. Braciole looks like involtinis. what are the differences between both recipes ? Grettings from Europe

Judith Good Going Grandma. We love you! Glovak says:

Good Going Grandma Gina. We love you! I'm going to make this for sure. You make it look so easy to do.

Lucy Irace says:

you are so cute , I love you . So much nostalgia

Natasha Shehu says:

I love this lady . It reminds me of my grandmother. I was raised watching Italian tv my country being so close to Italy. Listening and watching her brings back that time not to mention she is so cute and cooks really good. I will make this dish.

MrMoggyman says:

Wow, that Braciole looks delicious, and so well presented. I note that so many of the ingredients have such great flavour. The taste must be awsome. Thank you again Gina. How would any of us know how to do this in the traditional way if you had never done this? Singing too, brilliant! Keep bringing us the traditional recepies. We love them, and you.

129jaystreet says:

It's wonderful that everybody feels all kinds of love from mama Gina. Can anybody comment on the food?


Miss Gina — you are so sweet and charming — thanks for singing
I will enjoy your recipe so much

Aroldo Gavioli says:

Miss Gina I love watching your cookie videos. thank you!!!!!

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