Italian Recipes – How to Make Giardiniera

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Watch how to make Italian giardiniera, the tangy and spicy pickled pepper, cauliflower, and jalapeno condiment that’s an amazing topping for sausages and Chicago-style Italian beef sandwiches. Try it on pastas, French dips, and antipasti platters.

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Roguemember says:

No bell peppers, no onions. Sport or Serrano peppers. Not jalopenos

MilkCap says:

You need serrano peppers. Ditch the bells.

Mordecai R says:

Chicago style gardinera still the best around.

Mordecai R says:

This is fake gardinera, real gardinera contains sport Peppers.

Shane Marks says:

Why do you brine the vegetables over night? What is the purpose of that step?

swiftheart 79 says:

how long can you keep it until it spoils?

Hawksalas78 says:

You need to rinse it several times to remove the excess salt before adding the vinegar and oil mixture otherwise it will be too salty.

MrMustang1804 says:

Looks amazing. I cant wait to make this.

meljia332 says:

Ugh looks like too much salt

kokoro nagomu says:

looks great! i have fermented a combination of vegetables similar to these and it comes out very tasty. next time after fermentation i might use the dressing (or most of the dressing ingredients), i think the olive oil would be great in it.

Iris Gross says:

That's a lot of olive oil!

Xtiez says:

To be honest, this is like an Italian version of chimichurri. Still looks good though :)

cocoapeach says:

Same here, word for word lol. I can't wait to try it out.

Darth Flynn says:

half a cup of salt?!

Thorpe says:

never heard of it but looks good. will make

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