Jacques Pepin's Easy and Elegant Seafood Recipes | Essential Pepin | KQED

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Jacques Pepin begins the step-by-step recipe with the supreme crustacean, Lobster in Artichoke Hearts. This sets the tone for a show filled with wonderful gifts from the sea. He explains that shrimp is now one of the most consumed seafoods in the country and Shrimp Pané on Watercress is a recipe to make them shine. Jacques used to make Escoffier Quenelles when working with Pierre Franey at the Le Pavillon in New York and now makes them for us using a food processor to make light work of the task. Finally, he waxes poetic on the virtues of one of the ugliest fishes in the sea and makes Monkfish Roulade stuffed full of broccoli rabe.

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The Jacques Pépin Foundation is an organization dedicated to enriching lives and strengthening communities through the power of culinary education. https://jp.foundation/​​​

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a friend says:

A sweet man.

Katwoman Four says:

Beautiful lovely recipes Jacque rules,but most of his ingredients I cannot afford unfortunately. If I ever can I would definitely love to try @ least one of these recipes.
I don't even own a hand mixer 😂lol.

Titi Tichircã says:

"Julia would not agree with me"! 🤣

vic banks says:

what a treasure…

Ponte Vedra says:

I see that years ago you cooked 'a la Frances'….. Very nice. Sad that you no longer cook this way chef. I grew up with Escoffier ( Argentina) . In my country that is all, well about all, we followed. Merci Chef Pepin.
Tres belle.

TheNightAl says:

!2:00 No Chef, Julia would not pardon you for the black pepper in the mousse instead of the white. She will now haunt you, lol.

Mary Louise Griffin says:

Admire his work!

Inocencio Tensy Garcia says:

I love itThis will be my next dish thank's to Jacques Pepin.

Audrey Williams says:

@Sid….So am I..❤️🙋🏽‍♀️

Gonzalo Farias says:

4:52 and a little bit of an egg shell for good measure

sid viscus says:

Jacques has a quiet but devoted fanbase, and I'm one of them.

Lester Scrugs says:

What I learned: Artichoke is basically useless for a food source.

victoria milonas says:

I never saw the point of quenelles or croquettes. Baby food for the very rich. But M. Pepin makes it seem an easy and elegant way of combining types of fish that can't be the stars

Paul Wagner says:

To use the name Escoffier in a program in the early 21st Century. Jacques is truly the King of cooking.

Miles Dyson says:

Just fabulous!

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