Japanese Dinner Menu 1 – Japanese Cooking 101

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This 1 minute video will show you how to prepare a typical Japanese dinner. It includes one soup and three dishes along with steamed brown rice.

********Today’s menu********
Saba Shioyaki (grilled mackerel)
Nikujaga (meat and potato stew)
Sunomono (cucumber salad)
Miso Soup
Brown Rice
Full recipe here: http://www.japanesecooking101.com/japanese-dinner-menu-1/
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Shintaro Kisaragi says:

I don't understand how you could fit all that in your stomach in one dinner.. I'd only fit the soup and fish

Trina Autida says:

Good day!!!

is it okay to use your vid for my project???
I'll include you in my credits


crissylovesjojo says:

More dinner menus please

Hyjeena says:

Thank you for great recipes! I am not asian, but I have started eating mostly japanese food since I like it and I find I also feel better this way. I know how to make japanese breakfast, lunch and dinner and the most common food items for them but I wonder what do japanese people eat after dinner, or is that the last meal of the day? In my country we have been taught to eat an evening snack before going bed. This may be a piece of bread with tea or some cereal. Do the japanese do this at all? What do you eat if you feel a little hungry in the evening?


They est soo healthy

Phuong Hoang says:

If you can do these menu videos every now and then it would be so great!

Staedler Staedlerr says:

where is chicken

darksinger hm5 says:

do you guys have a video on how to make taiyaki?

noname says:


Destined tokill says:

Whqt is the square pkate called

Kimberly Goodwin says:

This is great! Do you have one for a traditional breakfast?

Ponypple says:

Lately i have been watching Chibi Maruko Chan and this is indeed how the dinner table is arranged for each person 😀

Ponypple says:

In japan, do you serve all these at once, or in different courses? And do families share all dishes?

Dominic says:

Nice, that answers one of my social studies questions

AndaKavva says:

moooooooore ! ! !

Josephine says:

More menu's!

balfonso1 says:

Please make more menu videos!  

Qianshao Xian says:

Could you please tell me how many bowls of rice do japanese eat in each meal?

Mai Ghareeb says:

mmmmmmm i like japanese food

Wullop Khin says:

Japanese world heritage! Look beautiful, nutritious & delicious. Thanks from Thailand.

agnesdeque says:

Bon appétit !!!


i think it is very important to know how to properly set a table according to the menu for the evening. having a tutorial is one thing, but a meal specifically set to have a balanced palette is important to the integrity of the meal itself. thanks for the upload!  

Hellomima says:

Yes!! Thank you so much!

Leonardo Kamiya says:

This looks delicious!

Arashikaze074 says:

I disagree with the two down below. I am interested in what is typically eaten in Japan as meals so this video gives me an idea of what I can expect should I get the chance to go visit my friends in Japan plus it gives me an idea of what I can prepare for them to show off my cooking skills should they come visit me where I live.

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