JB’s homemade cajun spaghetti & meatballs

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with smoked sausage.

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pquarles1 says:

Wow that looks fantastic..Will have to try this one.. Thx

LiquidFriction says:

damn now im hungry. . time to go shopping :)

TycoTrainAL says:

AWESOME JB!!! Just catching up on some of your videos man. Do they sell
Conecuh sausage in your area? Its made in Evergreen Alabama. It will make
you want to slap someone or something. If you cant get it let me know and
ill send you some.

pcs56 says:

Thanks, JB. I can cook/grill just about anything, and am normally very
good. But there are a few things I have major problems with for some
reason: My spaghetti is never quite right, not horrible, just never “wow”,
my hash browns are nearly always “chewy” instead of crisp, and my gravy
comes out right about 70% of the time, which is not bad, but far from
consistent! I guess everybody has there specialty!

kretsch06 says:

You got my mouth watering again JB….I’ll make sure to prick my sausage
with a knife! Great job.

TangoSpiceCompany says:

An amazing plate of victuals! Damn good eats JB!

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

@drjsteinberg Egg doesn’t add much flavor, its just a filler/binder, Evap
milk or tomato sauce in the meat balls add flavor as well as moisture. The
bread soaked in either acts as the binder. You just have to get the ratio

Xim1405 says:

Damn that looks good

drjsteinberg says:

Hey JB I usually crack an egg in my non-union balls. Why do you recommend
skipping it?

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

@CookinWithSurfinSapo Well see SS

Jason Giddens says:

LOL Prick the sausage. Great video as always.

Jason310M says:

Nice, that’s what I call some real sauce, boy.

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

Yes they do sell it here now. Its good too, just cost a little more than

soloinu says:

Looks great. I like making thicker sauces for this but you have me wanting
to try a thinner sauce with more wine.

pcs56 says:

Cuts sent me here.

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

Watch my past videos. Search my channel by recipe subject

Ignominy101 says:

Heaven……im in heaven…..lol thats some kick ass sauce!

gitarman23 says:

Tried this recipe tonite with my family…really, really good. The meat
balls were fantastic. The only thing i did different was add a tblspn of
sugar and some hot pepper to kick it up a little. Definitely a do over!

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

@gitarman23 I type too slow to write a book, thats why I make videos

funkyzilla says:

Man, that looks good!

Aubrey Cooper says:

i just put my meatballs in my sauce to cook lol

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

Welcome to my channel

Cookin with Surfin Sapo says:

Can you make some Raviolis one of these days? Your meatballs look good dude!

ZombiedustXXX says:

Looks good JB. True man-food! I like “sauce” like that, because I like top
a hearty sauce, not just on spaghetti…but on some open-faced tasty and
crusty garlic bread! Garlic bread takes less time to cook than spaghetti.
Just after I thought how that sauce would beeven better the next day. you
mentioned that in your video @8:20! BTW, you can still get Bud Dry? I
haven’t seen that in California for years. We get Bud, Bud Light, Bud Ice
and Select.

gitarman23 says:

JB, You’ve probably been asked this before, boy, but do you have a cookbook
available and if not, have you thought about putting one together? I’d buy
one of them, boy!

veal225 says:

Hell yeah! This is good stuff 5/5

anmoose says:

Now THAT, Sir JB, is spaghetti sauce with an attitude. Friggin awesome!
Added to my list of “gotta do”.

a13084u2 says:

Damn fine.

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