Kalathappam / Kal Dosai – Breakfast Recipes – Indian Breakfast

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This is a traditional South Indian breakfast recipe. Those days, people used to make this in mud pots known as “kalam”. Thats why it got the name kalathappam. It is easy to make.. You need…

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Zaw Win says:

miss u kal dosa….hope to try this one here !

Galata Galagala says:

Thanks a lot.. i got delicious kal dosas..

Usha Nishchal says:

HI sreenath , I am great fan of Kerala recipes , your videos are great, I
am trying these Break fast recipes. Thanks for posting… keep us inspired
to cook …

Caroline26011 says:

chechi where r u from? kerala???? u must b enjoying nadan palaharam
hahahahahaha LOL

Caroline26011 says:

its a fermenting agent which give rise to the dough or batter.

sreenath recipes says:

Thanx dear..:) definitely i ll make a try..

sreenath recipes says:

Hi Dear… We are from palakkad, kerala…..Settled in Chennai….

sreenath recipes says:

Hi viewers… You need to keep the batter for fermentation for 8-9 hours
before cooking. Sree Nath

sreenath recipes says:

Hi… I don’t know how to make the sweet version. Pl share me the

Caroline26011 says:

use in equal proportion raw rice & parboiled rice, little cooked rice.
grind to idli batter. Ferment the batter with yeast for 6 hrs. next day
while cooking before 1 hrs, add fried shallots, coconut pieces, Jaggery
syrup. you have choice to cook it in dosa tava or steam them. hope this

Susan Gladis says:

what is yeast ???

Susan Gladis says:

kandittu nalla rasam.appol kazhikkan endu taste aarikkum…………..kothi

Caroline26011 says:

thankyou. there are two version of this type of kalathappam. one is
sweetened and other unsweetened. my amma use to make in sweet version.

sreenath recipes says:

Hi Susan…Pl try this and give us your feedback…

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