Keto Malai Kebab (Keto Chicken Kebab) | Keto Recipes | Headbanger’s Kitchen

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Headbanger's Kitchen says:

For everyone asking me about that little stove top grill with the handle, you can now order it online from Amazon here:

Vipul Verma says:

Hi Love your work can you pleas post a collection of snacks that can be stored and can be had like farsan… and even sweet options pleas so that they have a shelf life and form factor as sometimes you just need a snack and dont feel like cooking or things that need refrigeration …. Thanks

lnghrnfn says:

OMG these look AMAZING!!! Yum Yum Yum. Can't wait to try these kebabs! Thank you Sahil!

Daz says:

i made some Paneer kebabs with bell peppers onions and they came out Amazing.

Rocio Lopez says:

Why my skewers burn in the grill if I soak them in water for couple hours?

D Harper says:

Jibber jabber!

SimonaLyne Enderz says:

****Bison kebabs****!!!!! OhhhI I can't wait to try this out on my Parents. My Mother is GF. It will definitely be a winner. We love chicken legs! No bones about this! lolol!

Shantanu Sharma says:

Love kababs. The perfect keto food. And easy to manage from a fat protein standpoint. They deliver the protein and the accompanying sauce delivers the fat. Can’t wait to try this. Your butter chicken wings is a hit in my house and I see these becoming a staple as well. MORE KABABS PLEASE!!!!

zee k says:

The people that have it a thumbs down suck lol. love you and your cooking . Thank you soooo much . Sekh kabab please

mahek B says:

Simply wowwwwww…. Its mouth watering

Fatima Yousaf says:

We call it malai boti in Pakistan. Definitely trying it tonight!

The Warrior Woman says:

going to try the paneer version of this!

edward and c annett says:

I have never met a kebab I didn't like, but I do like a bit of sweet with them. The sauce or marinade. Keep cooking, C

Sue Rainey says:

I don't even KNOW what my favorite is. I love food on sticks and I am watching YOU for ideas, my friend. Rock on.

Hifza Faisal says:

It’s for 4 people?

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