Kids Meal Ideas: 50 Kid Friendly Recipes (Menu Planning Series)

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Kids Meal Ideas: 50 Kid Friendly Recipes (Menu Planning Series)

This is a great easy-to-make cookbook for busy people
The Kids Meal Ideas Cookbook not only saves time but also money week after week with easy and fast dishes that keep you eating well at home every day
From Main dish salads to Gluten-free dessert recipes, this book is packed with over 50 kid friendly recipes covering a wide range of categories such as:Chicken Rice/Pasta Pork Soup Main Dish Salads Seafood Egg Beef Vegetarian & 5 Gluten free desserts ***Please note our paperback book doesn't include pictures within the cookbook to reduce printing costs.

ISBN 1495914003

Debbie Madson

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Rank: 94 (10)
– Amazon: 4.7 (10)

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