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I have NEVER had a better lamb chop than what I cooked and filmed right here. It is the easiest, tastiest Lamb chops by far and it can be prepared from start to finish in just 15 minutes. But if you’re looking for a more extravigant recipe try my Mint Crust Lamb Chops or my Oven baked ribs. Both are listed below!

Mint Crust lamb Chops –

Oven Baked Ribs –

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Jon Reed says:

So where’s the oven come into this ??

Scott Rollins says:

Where on God's green earth did you get a rack of lamb for $11 bucks? That would have run me around 20 or 30 where I live

Jonathan Robertson says:

Where on earth did you get a rack of lamb for $11 bucks?!?!? I need to move there. Seriously.

Byron Lin says:

lamb chops with canned green beans ?

Greg Garcia says:

First time cooking lamb, watched your video, it was so easy and delicious! Thank you!!

EmeraldShock says:

Where's the lamb saaaauuuuccceee!!!!!

Arturo Garza says:

Where do you get lamb racks? I can't find them in our grocery stores.

Poor Man's Gourmet Kitchen says:

You guys have got to see my Garlic Crusted Rack of Lamb Video Recipe, it's AMAZING!!!

glincho says:

I just found your video and I cooked exactly as you said. Excellent and delicious 😋. All my guest loved it. I just had to adjust the oven times since I cooked two racks and some of my guested liked well done.

Keith says:

I was glad to see you did not over bake the chops. I like to serve this with a side of mint sauce. Thanks for another fine video!

Matt Packer says:

Giving this a go tonight, Thanks!!!! :)

Karin Randall says:

this looks so simple and satisfying, thank you for sharing!

Anna S says:

Loved it, thanks a lot! I've never cooked lamb before and was worried. Thought no one was going to like it, and they were disappointed when they saw it. But one bite, and we were all so happy!And it is so tender, wow. Thanks again. You didn't say to eat only one though.

health says:

Thank you very much and i am going to try this recipe!

TE Channel says:

additions, lemon juice and oregano

itsmegp46 says:

I tried this with two additions, lemon juice and oregano. Delish!

TaoNicolle says:

OMG this looks delicious!

Aydan Ulugun says:

Thanks for the wonderful video definitely trying it tonight 👌

Ahmed Helfawi says:

Easy, simple and beautifully done!
Gonna try it tonight! Thanks man 👍

ning zhang says:

This is really fabulous! Mouth watering! :))) Thank you very much and i am going to try this recipe!

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