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LAZEEZ MASALA BEEF is a beef masala recipe than can be a made as beef dry or beef gravy too.It is an extremely tasty and flavorful Beef Recipes that’s really simple and easy to make. It is made using a unique ingredient which is called stone flower in english or Dagad Ka Phool in Hindi . This stone flower gives a unique and distinctive flavor to the beef recipe. It is a must try recipe and i often make it for parties and it is always a superhit .This masala beef recipe is really simple to make and can be served with rotis or rice. In this video you can learn how to make beef curry / beef masala very easily. Muslim style beef curry is also very popular and served along with rice . For more beef recipes and beef steak , beef stew and beef stranganoff recipes you can visit my channel SaraCooksForYou for more delicious beef recipes and many more easy and simple beef recipes.

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Vincent Fernandes says:

Hi Sara
Thanks for the recipe.
I love cooking.
Hope to have a channel myself sometime soon.
My sources of inspiration have been my mom and my sisters and you have just made that list too.
There are a couple of things I liked in the video, which very rarely people do in their videos, hence I'm obliged to write to you. I watch a lot of these videos to learn and innovate my own style of cooking… You can say that I copy cat the recipes… But that's just locally and people have loved the innovations though I haven't really considered giving the dishes my own copyright name… Lols… Coming to the video you uploaded… I think the fact that you used translations about the ingredients like stone flower for dagad phool and fennel powder for sonf powder was great. So I just thought I'd pen down these minute details, because it is very helpful to novice cooks and people who have no one to cook for them. Thanks again… I'm going through your videos now to see and use your style. Good luck. Cheers.

Kamran Ahmed says:

Dear Miss Sara. Greetings. Apart from the recipe, I hv a question. Please dont mind it seems you are Indian, if yes, how did you get the Beef?? Isnt it forbidden there??? I was curious to know so asked. Please forgive me if you feel it. Regards. I will try your recipe by the way.

Gandhi Abad says:

thanks! perfect for prata!

Cecilia Elizabeth Joao says:

Nice short n sweet 😋😋

Walda Ka Dasterkhwan says:

Check out my recipe of BEEF CHILLI on my channel

mike ang says:

Hi Sara. Good day. May I know the name if the dried leaves used in this cooking? Thanks.

Muhammad Tariq says:

Hi sara very delious recipe

david yesilcimen says:

you can’t have a show with a pressure cooker recipe when 90% of people don’t have one


Bahut hi kharab inglish hai aapki.

Winard James says:

Hello Sara,
I was looking for something dry with a little bit of thick gravy(sort of), I saw yours and I'm going to try it now. But I don't know Stone Flower or Dagad ka phool (I am going to cook without these).. Let see how it comes.. (by the way I am a male and I love cooking) hope my cooking comes out tasty.. 😋

അപ്പൂസ് ചുമ്മാ ഒരു നേരം പോക്ക്. says: 👍

francis fernandes says:

Your receipe is really wonderful I made the other day chicken biryani

Tuan Doole says:

Thank you Sara for sharing your great yummy recipe

Shehanaz Shehanaz says:

Its very tasty I try it 😋

Tajweed Inamdar says:

Bilkul b acchi nhi hui thi

Auli's world says:

Onion is not transparent. It's Translucent

Rizwaan Kalagi says:

Please make video on snake biryani please

zack says:

Eating a piece of bread and watching these videos. 🙄 Kitne dukh hai

Umesh Avasare says:

I have been Subscribe U….

Umesh Avasare says:

Hindi Version, Please🙏🙏🙏🙏

Tabassum syed says:

Now m mkng dis fr dnnr wth chapati i hope my hubby gona like♥️

Nazgul Nazgul says:

Greetings from Malaysia..

Except from stone flower, i followed the recipe exactly and it was a killer.

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