Lazy Mediterranean Salad!

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Lazy 3-ingredient Mediterranean salad with tomatoes, cucumber, and parsley. A zesty light dressing brings it all together. This is the perfect last-minute addition to any meal! To print the recipe, go here:

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Billy Cedeno says:

thanks for sharing definitely will try it.

Canadian Vision says:

But as far I know, tomatoes and cucumbers should not be consumed together. What do you say?

Harini Sankaran says:

Nice all your greek recipes..I cannot get greek spices like sumac in my place.. what can I replace instead of it?

Lama says:

Is it good for skin?

Lulwa Morningstar says:


Hari says:

eating tomatoes in excess can cause kidney stones to form

David Lloyd says:

a nice recipe, but the video is spoilt by the woman prattling on and talking interminably and most of what she says is nonsense. The programme works well if you turn the sound off.

Ocean Sep says:

Damn got everything but no salad bowl oh well I’ll try again next week, off to KFC

Joseph Zanabria says:

so hot chef ! hahah thanks for the lovely dish

Michelle Unal says:

Omg this looks amazing!! I love your recipes!! There’s this really unique, amazing Mediterranean bean salad I think you might love. I left the link for you!

Dharmaraj Dines says:

Thank you for this chef☺☺

Losalini B. says:

UGGGHHH came for a simple lunch & i find out that i dont even have parsley 😒😒

Lam Girl says:

I don’t like parsley. What other alternatives are there to use.

Spice odia says:

Healthy recipe

Marcus Milland says:

Excellent. Had it last night. Simple, and to the point. THX

Shareen Gonzalez says:

Yummy . Thank you for sharing.

Patti Couch says:

Hi! I am enjoying your channel so much. Your recipes are really helping me. I have been restricted to a low sodium diet due to congestive heart failure, and these recipes are really spicing things up for me. Thank you so much! Is there anything else I can use besides salt to bring out the juiciness and flavors? Thank you in advance.

Cedar Poplar says:

Ones you mentioned the cucumber, tomatoes and salt with lime juice, all Mexicans watching this video, raised an eyebrow🤨. It sounds good. Specially when you add olive oil and pepper. But, we're still curious about the Suma. I'd say we all really want to try this😊. Y'all say it ain't so.

Katrina Bryant says:

For real…..all that salt? That's wayyyyyyy too much.

Voidka says:

That looks delicious 😋
Also the salad looks tasty too

K.Malsawmhlua Duata says:

Putting too much salt is not good.

Sister Maryam says:

Thanks sweetie I love this

Mediterranean Diet Recipe Book says:

Omg! I love this

Michael Matherne says:

If I don't want to make my own dressing, what is the best bottled dressing to substitute for this recipe?

Beverly Crittendon says:

Too much salt

Christian M says:

Wow – thats alot of salt!

vilko skorlich says:

Not all Mediterranean countries use the same recipes, when someone states "Mediterranean cuisine" it means they share a lot of core ingredients but not necessarily recipes. There is no traditionally Mediterranean recipes, the traditional part equates to the recipe owner of a specific country not the group itself.

Tony says:

Hola, how much olive oil do you use?

Speak-my Mind-Ibiza says:

Why do you people always have to add something…. just do the recipe as it is ffs!,,, add this n that, if it was meant to go in she would have said so. Fucking onions..geeeze

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