Lemon Cod Fish – By Naughty Food

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Lemon Cod Fish – By Naughty Food

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Rice Ingredients:
-Yellow Onion 1/2 Cup
-Celery 1/2 Cup
-Thyme 1/2 Tsp
-Soy Sauce 1/2 Tsp
-Wild Rice 1 Cup
-Chicken Broth 2 Cup
Direction for Rice:
Cook 30-35 min on medium flames

Cod Fish Ingredients:
-Cod Fish 2 lb
-Salt according to taste
-Black pepper 1-tsp
-Lemon Pepper seasoning 1/2 tsp
-Parsley 1 Tsp
Marinate and Refrigerate 30 min
-Butter 4 tsp
Add in Cod fish and cook for 2-3 min both sides
-Garlic Cloves into butter for taste

Gravy Ingredients:
-Onion 1-cup
-Chopped Garlic 1-tsp
-White cooking wine 2-tsp
-Lemon Juice 1-tsp
-Chicken Broth 1-cup
-Chicken Gravy Mix 3-tsp
-Cream 1/2 Cup
Cook 2-3 min

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Andrew Bonafilia says:

Whats with all the chicken stock? For the rice I get it but why with the fish?

stateniland says:

just ruined some good fish adding all that junk food to it

Kevin L says:

There is no way that there is only 4 tsp of butter in that pan, I made this dish with the
Ingredients and method they used and it tasted lousy. I made it again with my own twist like adding a half tsp of tarragon to the marinade and I used alott more butter to fry the fish in along with a few other thing and then it tasted pretty good.

Spic Democrat says:

So you want your cod to taste like chicken ?

renederv says:

I am cooking that recipe but i dont know om which temperature to cook the rice for 30 mins? Pls help thanks

Natalie D says:

No crying happening for fish , too much liquid , it is steaming

Mauricio Landaverde says:

Great recipe. The family loved it!

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