Louisiana Shrimp Creole recipe No Roux

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Quick & easy recipe: http://www.nolacuisine.com/2008/04/13/shrimp-creole-recipe/

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Robert Harris says:

This recipe is the most consistant can't miss cajun recipe ever thx JB

Justin Suba says:

Looks awesome. Jb I ate shrimp scamp scampi tonight that s some good shit to

Tina T. says:

That's like how my momma made it…so good!

Jody Plauche says:

Hi Nibor, Winn Dixie, Albertsons, Sams, Rouses? I'm in Baton Rouge as well and I need that in my life :) I usually buy the fresh chopped Guidry ' s container. PS…I'm doing your Shrimp Creole with the roux in a few. Cooking with V8…BRILLIANT!

Jody Plauche says:

Where do you get the big frozen bag of the Trinity?

pquarles1 says:

Looks awesome JB!!

Anonymoose says:

That's a fine looking creole, Boy! I'd give it two yums up!

Air Fryer Recipes with Booger500us says:

I could probably eat this kind of stuff everyday….yup

oldmann7733 says:

Also do you have a gumbo recipe that you share.

oldmann7733 says:

Hey, JB where can I purchase some good smoke sausage for gumbo, I,m in Texas but love me a good gumbo.Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

GrayNeko says:

@8:54..spoken like a true Jedi master, Qui-Gon JB! And yet one more recipe from this channel in my recipes bookmark folder. This is getting ridiculous in a very awesome way! Cheers!

earni Last says:

im gunna be in duscon  parish seeing some family in a few weeks, been years since I was there they live out on john leblanc rd  how far are you from there, id like to thank you for all the vids, id like to buy ya a beer ,and get some real boudin 

jim nelson says:

fine meal jb, thanks for sharing 

Scott McKinsey says:

JB, what is your absolute fav dish of all times? And can you post your recipe for it?

older than derp says:

It's almost the same as Étouffée,sometimes I make it with gator.Damn good though!Santé

RealmanPwns says:

Was that frozen cooked shrimp or frozen uncooked shrimp?

Willows Garden says:

Looks good JB, yum! By the way, the bread pudding went like gang busters, lol, was really delicious…thanks so much, 😀

bdwilcox says:

Where has Top Cat been? Haven't seen him/her since he/she was a kitten.

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