Low Carb Pancakes Recipe

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Cinzia Starkiller says:

what about if you can't eat eggs because of allergy? is very difficult for me to find low carb recipe for everithing! thanks

McKenzie Steuber says:

Now these look amazing! Definitely ready for breakfast!

Dan Webster (Paw Paw) says:

Gonna try it

Jackelyn Trujillo says:

Thanks so much! What a great recipe. And your accent is adorable <3

Natasa Grlj says:

Fantastic Zuzka :)

Kate Christiansen says:

Dear Zuzka the best oil is Olive extra virgin, thanks for your recipe!

stoners stone says:

coconut oil its the worst oil, 100% saturated fat.

William Hammons says:

Zuzka – Have you ever thought to use greek yogurt as opposed to cream cheese?

Agostino Chimienti says:

Hi Zuzka only a question… can i cook this meal without the protein powder???
Thanks for your time.
Ciaoooo ;).

hipretty says:

zuzka …did you put a wet spatula on the hot oil? :-D

oops sugarsorry says:

I love it…thanx … i will try it.

Russell Wickless says:

That attachment for your hand blender is awesome! 

lydzies says:

Hi, what can you use in place of the cream cheese? I don't eat dairy, and want to try this recipe out. Also, fashion question. Who are your black wrap bracelets by:) thank u!

Manuela Dolcezza (Bella) says:

Zuzka ur so cute, "cage free" means that the chicken can see the sunlight (in the big cage where theres millions of chickens) and can make a 360 on spot :( sadly it's the truth u can find all terms information on the FDA website… U live in CA (luckily 4 u) u actually can find real farmers selling real stuff but u gotta look well cuz those farmer are getting broke and they are being forced to follow the rules (the term organic means that the blades or the machines that they are using are meeting some percentage of the cleanliness that the FDA requires so organic does not mean natural nor 100% clean (sorry I'm a nutrition freak) lol

Ana Zelen says:

hahahaha 3:48 I hate when it happens 

Christopher ec says:

Do more of these healthy recipes, they are great! :)


Definitely going to try this it looks good!

Mayra RSgdo says:

great recipe!

EdgeofWhat says:

Will I get scurvy from this?

Beekyskeep says:

I'm going to try these with blueberries in the batter

Mind Over Munch says:

Wow, I think I know what I'm making for breakfast tomorrow! Great recipe! 

htfcm says:

LOL The non-credentialed hackneyed vegan trolls are at it again.

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