low carb, POST CHEAT DAY full day of eating | IIFYM Low carb recipes

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How to eat after a cheat day? This is an example of a low carb day of eating more me mostly aimed at fat loss.

The BEST Protein Pancake Recipe:
1 Scoop PES Protein
120 G pumpkin
3 egg whites
15 g coconut flour (pancake mix works as well)

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Travis S says:

Uploading an hour early before I catch this flight! Please drop the video a like!

Nick Ryan says:

Terrible squat form

Lesley Cantorna says:

Binge watching ur videos, I’m so behind 😂

russell lende says:

your poverty taco (taco rice) is huge in japan. you can get it in most Japanese restaurants. lived there for 3 years and it has become a staple in the diet. so good and so simple

Nathaniel Bondoc says:

You're an inspiration brother 💪🏻

Rob DeFrance says:

Travis mix a scoop of your protein powder into your cup of greek yogurt and you'll thank me later

JC says:

Wow that rice dish looked freaking incredible. Must try that!

Tyler Newcombe says:

My new video is up check it out please

Campos Fitt says:

Smashed that like button before the vid even loaded 👊🏽

Duke Quach says:

I love Travis. Mostly because he is the only one that isn't a "IFBB PRO BODYBUILDER AGE 21. DM FOR COACHING". He has a job, on top of YouTube, he is nice, and is happy. Being happy doesn't directly affect us viewers, but makes it so his videos are more genuine

Vance Heard says:

Good fun you went for it with the low carb

Elsa Mancia says:

Those pancakes 🥞- I’m going to try it. Super macro friendly. Thank you 😊

Voqzuh says:

What app do you use to keep calorie count

Aubrey Miller says:

do more behind the scenes stuff and editing info.

940TM Kris says:

I want to hear more about the making of these videos. Angles,takes, and all

Cole Hedrick says:

How do u make the poverty brownie?

Meg Webber says:

Yessss thank you so much for posting a more normal day in the life video!!! I think it's so important for audiences to see YouTubers who do these big food channels in their day-to-day life because every day just simply can't be like that if you're going to be a fit and healthy person as well 😂😂👊👊 everything looked delicious as per usual!!

TheYoungOz says:

Great video man! I am restarting my youtube and I do not really get a lot of views. I was wondering if you have any tips for me to stay motivated and keep up the grind. I love making videos but it sucks when you do not see a lot of progress. Thanks man, and have a great Sunday and week!

Aditya Parmar says:

Also, how do you make that poverty brownie? It looks amazing haha

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