Low Carb Recipes #keto #shorts low carb recipes 116

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Low Carb Recipes #keto #shorts
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k kahuna says:

First of all there is nothing healthy about this!!! Did you learn this from Rachel ray???

Jerome In the house says:

Looks good 👍

SatDatStrand says:

Wow I can’t wait to try that

my entertainment says:

Your's looks yummy. But too lazy to find all the ingredients. Cauliflower just fry with garlic is good enough for me.

Charlotte Harries says:

The dish ure making isn't macaroni and cheese its cauliflower cheese. its always existed in england

Gary M says:

that's a beautiful casserole dish

debra souza says:

That pesto in the cheese sauce is genius!!!❤️

Ian Thomas Young says:

that was awesome

Remy W says:

I wish there was some text that said what oven temperature they used ;-;

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