Low sodium diet

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Learn the difference between salt and sodium and how much is acceptable in a low sodium diet

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A Cappella Trudbol says:

That was a rather shallow video. Disappointing.

Misha Tovkatski says:

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Igor Sharkov says:

Nah! .I did -35 lbs last one week.Go to hawght.so#MXlH252

RenΓ© Diff says:

m(salt) = 6,000 g
M(salt) = M(Na) + M(Cl) = (22.99+35.45) g/mol = 54.44 g/mol
n(salt) = m/M = 6,000 g / 54.44 g/mol = 0,1102 mol
n(Na) = n(salt) = 0,1102 mol
M(Na) = 22,99 g/mol
m(Na) = n*M = 0,1102 mol * 22,99 g/mol = 2,533 g

I know that this was just a demonstration but why not (when you are using quantity calculations) use a more precise way? – Like the other guy at Khanacademy always do…

nathansgreen says:

There is some evidence, subject to the usual intervention-study confounders, that people with hypertension can benefit from sodium restriction (PubMed ID 11747380). That said I'm not aware of any evidence that sodium restriction is beneficial for everyone, or even that sodium restriction could possibly prevent hypertension. (Especially considering that a majority of hypertensives require much more intervention than simple sodium restriction.)

saintbeast24 says:

for real. that ain't m'nga's voice. >:(

nathansgreen says:

The (utter lack of) evidence of the _meaningful_ benefits of sodium restriction for the majority of the population:
PubMed IDs: 22071811, 10327874, 22068710

Basic math example: hypertension=SBP>140; given SBP=150, a 3.5% reduction (5.25 mmHg) = 144.75 = still hypertensive. Thrilling results, right there.
(sorry for the lack of hyperlinks, but I trust you know how to work pubmed)

dduke6 says:

Where is Sal?

Joel Rizner says:

i wish i had your debate skills…

scNkosiSW says:

So let me get this straight. I go to the trouble of finding and referencing human health studies on sodium intake for you, and my reward will be to hear your crack-pot theories and illogical rebuttals? Sounds like a great deal. I'll get right on to that… If you have some startling new evidence on the effects of sodium intake, I suggest you submit it to a peer-reviewed journal. I'll read it with interest there.

Not Logan says:

Could you please provide me with medical studies that would prove more than 2300mg of salt is and will be bad for a person, please. After doing so I will let you know at which parts of it you are wrong.

Kamal Singh says:

Great explanation!

Scott Hodgins says:

Rishi Desai

Bellator Gaming says:

Very interesting… It's very apparent that I have way, way, way too much salt from all types and sources of food throughout the day… Will have to see what I can cut out, and see if I can notice any sort of health change.

scNkosiSW says:

You should have made clear that the recommended daily amount of 2300mg of Sodium is from ALL sources, not just your salt shaker. For example four slices of normal bread can easily have 500mg of salt in them, while half a can of baked beans has 750mg. When you add up all the sodium already in your food, you probably shouldn't be adding ANY salt from your shaker, let alone one teaspoon full. Khan Academy have a responsibility to be far more clear on matters of health.

Demonichellfighter says:

wow no wonder americans are fat. they use half a cup of salt per day >.>

balletto14 says:

man does this bring me back to my chem ap days, gives me nightmares just thinking about it -____-

Disgruntled YouTuber says:

Apparently Rishi desai is narrating. I should read the beginning of the video more lol.

Doomzdayxx says:

Who's the hell is narrating?

Einstein Hawkins says:

I Dunno what to say

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