Making EASY PIZZA ROLLS with my son || Kid friendly recipes

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These Pizza rolls are incredibly easy to make. The dough consists of only two ingredients, natural yogurt and self-raising flour, making it a great recipe to make with the kids, as it can be baked straight away. Fill it with your favourite pizza toppings, roll it up and bake.

These rolls are beautiful to eat fresh out of the oven, or frozen for quick lunch box fillers.

ingredients used:
Natural Yogurt
Self Raising Flour
Tomato Paste (or Pizza sauce)
Italian herb mix
Shredded cheddar cheese
Toppings of choice (i.e ham, pepperoni, salami, chorizo, mushrooms etc)

You will also need an oven tray and baking paper.

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Mellaina's Minute Motivations says:

I want to give this recipe a try

Cooking with D Smith317 says:

Looks delicious

Yudi S.L says:

I'm from indonesia .;.;.;.;

يوميات إيمان says:



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Autism Family Journey says:

This looks delicious, thank you for sharing

RETRO BABE Coupon Deals and Savings says:

Thanks for sharing this. Great after school snack that I can make with the kids!

annie the star says:

Looks yummy! Like 10

Gifty Empire says:

Looks really delicious

Ken Allan Dronsfield, A POETIC VOICE says:

Looks like an awesome and simple recipe. And might I say, LOOKS DELICIOUS!!

Melda 242 says:

Looks great! Thank you for sharing this easy one.

Food Fight Showdown says:

That looks really tasty, well done my frnd. Thanks for sharing. 👍👍👍😍

BlueJeans says:

That looks fantastic! The preparation was straightforward and easy to follow! I think we have anew young Master Chef in town! Master chef…helloooooo!

Victoriously Shay says:

The pizza rolls looks delicious 😋

ekim razalas says:

Its a mouthwatering recipe..

CubsDen says:

First time of hearing pizza rolls and it sure did come out looking great! Awww your little chef helper, baking with mummy ☺

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