Martha Stewart Uses Coffee in 4 Dessert Recipes | Martha Bakes S5E7 "Coffee"

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Get your coffee fix as Martha makes four extraordinary coffee-flavored desserts: a flaky Napoleon filled with an addictive coffee pastry cream, grown-up ice cream sandwiches made with mocha meringues and espresso ice cream, a decadent coffee cream pie with a dark-chocolate wafer crust, and milk-chocolate-ganache-filled cappuccino-chocolate bites.

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This episode originally aired as Martha Bakes Season 5 Episode 7.

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0:00 Martha Bakes Coffee Flavored Desserts
0:03 How to Make Coffee Napoleon
7:19 How to Make Mocha Meringues with Espresso Ice Cream
12:27 How to Make Coffee Cream Pie
17:31 How to Make Martha’s Cappuccino Chocolate Bites
22:53 Baking Bonus: How to Make Mocha Shortbread

Full Recipes:
Coffee Cream Pie –
Mocha Meringues with Espresso Ice Cream –
Martha’s Cappuccino Chocolate Sandwich Cookies –
Coffee Napoleon –

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Martha Stewart says:

Thanks for watching, coffee lovers! Which recipe are you making first?

Carla Tolliver says:

Absolutely yummy 😋

Jean Fernandes says:

Thankyou for sharing all your great recipes.

Aaron Wilson says:

This episode is the first one I've watched to inspire me to bake, cook, and
"turn" (ice cream) all three recipes!

Thanks for contributing these Martha Stewart series!

Connie Parker says:

Martha, I have been watching your show’s for many years, you are so informative and my Daughter loves all your books that I have bought and handed down to her they are in our family( family Heirlooms) thanks

Connie Parker says:

Martha what did you do to your eyes?

Pat Smith says:

I bet I would love that because I’m such a coffee fiend.

Cindy Mullins says:

Martha is a good baker, watch her shows all the time.

PumpkinEskobarr says:

The cookies have a Burberry plaid pattern, i like it! I might even add a couple of white chocolate and pink white chocolate stripes to really micmic the plaid

T M says:

Saw in another Martha Cooking School video where she combined ALL the pastry cream ingredients at once then heated it up WITHOUT needing to temper the eggs. I've used this technique for many years and my pastry creams turned out the same – zero difference in taste nor texture.

willcwhite says:

2:55 “I’m going to add that in little rivulets to my egg yolk mixture” as ever, Martha’s vocabulary is on point 💯

Hayley bourgault says:

I'm a cookie monster so I would eat the cappuccino bites.

Patti Mccraw says:

martha always makes the best recipes, i like the way she says all the measurements

Steve Bonomolo Sr. says:

Martha you’re fabulous, like your recipes!!!

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Lola Ottinger says:

I’m curious about tempering the egg yolks. My Mother never tempered egg yolks, she simply added them in with sugar and coca, (just for example) and there were never any scrambled eggs. The one time I personally tried tempering the eggs is the one failure I had when trying to make a cream pie. I seldom see professional bakers not temper eggs, but occasionally on YouTube I do see some older cooks, (like me) just stir the eggs in with the other ingredients and they all heat at the same time. By the way, many years ago I watched an episode of Martha and she used her daughters recipe to make Rice Krispie treats, they along with Martha’s recipe for Carmel popcorn remain among my favorites.

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