Mastering Leg of Lamb: A Stress-Free Technique for a Stunning Feast

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Master leg of lamb with this sous vide recipe that covers butchery, how to control gamey flavor, and how to make a gorgeous centerpiece dish your guests will love. Get the recipe:
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Ilhom Ikramov says:

Зачётная ножка!! Спасибо

Glock Nyneteen says:

Why do you always wear a groucho Marx mask all the time?

provpaw2 says:

me before click
not sous vide again… right? its big chuck of lamp leg….

Dan Browne says:

Absolutely ducking felicious

Matthew Neil says:

misleading leg of lamb cooking.

Louis Poche' says:

I did one today before watching this video… 132 degrees for 10 hours.. finished on charcoal.. it was the best lamb I ever tasted. The meat was extremely tender. But, there was still some tough connective tissue that might have disolved with a longer cooking time. Next time I am going to try this method for sure.

Cody Smith says:

What size container is that

Judas Iscariot says:

That looks absolutely horrible to be honest.

Plug it with a little bit of rosemary and garlic and straight in an for a couple of hours is all a nice leg of lamb needs.

Brendan King says:

we love ewe too Grant! these videos are great!

Jin Ho says:

What can u do with the cut off part of the leg

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