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Sharing kid friendly recipes from morning until night that is tasty and healthy.Ensuring a good nutrition for the kids is any mom’s priority and I hope you try these meal ideas for kids and find it useful. The meals are kids friendly and can be easily included in the diet of toddlers and little kids.

Hand blender-

Fruit Veggie juicer:
Cast iron pans:
Enameled cast iron pan:
Granite stoneware pan:
Mixie :
Grinder :
Kitchen aid Stand mixer :


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Pawandeep Kaur says:

Soups looking very yummy!!…..It’s hot in Australia but I will try!!…..

Shwetha Cafe says:

Please visit kids channel MISS VISHY….. From UAE

Prachi Saraswat says:

U are the best youtuber for kids’ recipes.. really helpful..😊.. can you tell what can the salmon be replaced with in the patties you made along with rice?
Please share some more soup and sandwiches recipes..

Take care 😊

StarryEye says:

Also wanted to ask you those sweatyrocks rocks striped pants that you wore in one of the vlogs n gave me link too – there seem to be 2 different ones you were wearing- or not? Were they the same as they seemed slightly bdifferent to me n I could never find the first pinstripe black n white one on amazon

StarryEye says:

Those are the most unique n interesting recipes I've seen.and kid approved n reviewed wow! Honestly Neelina I was thinking what a menu ur recipes wud make on say a restaurant menu card- Fuzions it shud be named😊I was in love w everything u made by the end! so how have u been n how's second semester of homeschool going? Btw you got to start leaving links of all your outfits in box too- please pls😂

viveca harikishun says:

Love all the healthy recipes. The best part is how the children enjoy the meals and appreciate it. They are growing up so beautifully and are adorable. Cant wait for the next video.

Parvathy J says:

Great effort to make healthy nutritious and tasty meals for your family. Thank you for sharing ❤️

angel pari says:

Hi sister love all your cooking wow new one new version always from you the best part is when your kids eat it with love❤ oh so sweet anjali love you❤ big girl now love your dress😍

vattikala poojitha says:

May i know the almond butter brand u use chechi

Bala S says:

Fantastic video with great receipes dear . Can you suggest any app/website to edit videos ?

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