Meal Prep & Freezer Meals | Family of 5 (Indian Recipes!)

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Trying out meal prepping for my entire family. My family eats mostly Indian traditional food but we are trying to mix it up here and there with other items as well. Will be fresh freezing some of the items and keeping others in the fridge to use during the week. Hoping this helps me focus more on my business without worrying about dinner and cleaning up the kitchen every day.
Containers I used:
Meal Prep Containers we just ordered:
Shan Curry Packets: (Sorry couldn’t find exact one. Try your local Indian grocery store)
Shawarma Seasoning:
Lemon Pepper Seasoning:
Fried Rice Recipe:
Okra curry Recipe:
eggplant recipe:

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Kinetic Zoo says:

In one of your video you said you don't eat nightshade veg. But you cooked potato with chick peas!

Simply Cherie says:

Thank you so much for this! I love Indian cuisine and will be trying these.

The Secret Life of Moms says:

What really stood out for me is you only have to clean up once…so smart. I also love that you share Indian meals. We eat a variety of different cuisines and I feel that this is so much healthier. The other thing impressed me is that you are like us. We make the same food for our kids and ourselves. If you feed kids crappy american diet food they don't get appreciation for home cooked meals that are far better for them.

Thank you for all the inspiration!

shivi tw says:

are u Indian …

gazi rahman says:

I love Indian food! nice work.

reeja baber says:

could you list out the food menu which freezes well..

lee bags says:

Wow so she is eating all that for lunch.

love ariko says:

omg i'm so hungry nowwww

Lincy John says:

Thx this was very useful

Vaishali Sandim says:

How to store all food.

Vaishali Sandim says:

Thanks pls provide veg meal.

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