Meal Prepping 5 Days of Gluten-Free Food

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Personal Chef Erica Adler meal preps a gluten-free spread!

Be sure to follow along with Erica’s cooking at @fresh.erica and check out her e-book at

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Yannis GF Cooking says:

Nice video!!!👌

praharshitha ponangi says:

She:- It's what it's looks like multi tasking looks like
My Indian mum:- Cooking meals for my dad and I cooking breakfast for us also completes her regular house chores enjoys her cup of coffee also completes wakes me up thrash me talking about me being a lazy bum and scolds my dad for being not helpfull to her and performs her puja at morning
P.S :- guys I do help my mum when I wake up and I don't really know about any other country mums so I just what I usually see on a regular basis

chelsea seymone says:

Yum! This was great 🙏🏾 I just started sharing gluten-free/lectin-free recipes on my channel. The world need moreeee!

Chap Sticks says:

Check out my friends page on Instagram, just starting out – show her some love.

Mitchell Nielsen says:

I find running a knife down the kale like you’re whittling wood is a quick way too!

islandgirlbor says:

Tamari is not a gluten free substitute for soy sauce. Tamari is the real thing made with no fillers. Soy sauce is a version watered down with wheat as a filler!

Porcelain Guts says:

Could we get a ibs friendly meal prep

Sylvain La Marco says:

😊I’m on gluten-free diet as well. I’m using chestnut, buckwheat, coconut, millet or sorghum flours in my recipes. Feel free to check out my new YouTube channel “Sylvain La Marco”.

Alexandra Rais says:

Can you do a pescatarian or keto meal prep?

savirien says:

4 months ago my body suddenly decided it doesn't want eggs or gluten anymore. Thank you!

Priscilla Jimenez says:

I always thought gluten was found in wheat-based foods like breads/pastas. Didnt realize it was in those other foods as well

B F says:

How is this 5 days worth of meals? I’m confused

Hamster Adventures with Opal says:

Hey, this is a great video! My friend was just diagnosed with celiac disease, and it has been pretty hard for her. I am gluten free as well, and I know how expensive it can get, so I decided to do something for her. Please go support me in Ko-fi so I can afford to get her what she needs.
Here is the link, please donate if you are in the position to😊

Katy G P says:

Barilla GF Pasta is far superior to other brands! It will help with that starchy/sticky problem. You can cook it exactly the amount of time it says and it holds well even cold!

Mauffin DaFat says:

I click this video while "who is this cute human" 😍

tara clark says:

🤦‍♀️oats 🤦‍♀️are 🤦‍♀️not 🤦‍♀️ gluten free 🤦‍♀️

Nikki M says:

New subscriber! This food looks really good! I have a gluten intolerance and I hate it. Even though not allergic, it's a problem especially when a room is really quiet such as at work, and my stomach is grumbling and rumbling and making all kinds of embarrassing sounds. I will be trying these recipes 8

typical taurus says:

always love your videos

Amisha Vashistha says:

She should have her own YouTube channel

Hdlon Ldn says:

Pasta has gluten

Janelle Green says:

So helpful! I have IBS and I’m trying to figure out how to get my diet together and this was super inspirational

ilorietta says:

Love Erica’s videos !! More please

Randi MacDonald says:

Did I see a dog in her kitchen?

c frick731 says:

For anyone that is going to trying to recreate these for a gluten free person I recommend staying away from oats even if they claim to be gluten free, they still can cause a reaction, unless they are gluten free by choice and not allergy.

Shruti says:

"meal prep" because cooking is too mainstream 😌

Amanda Turner says:

Love the video, always looking for more gluten free recipes to try 😋 thanks

Jeanette Rutledge says:

Did she even show her carrot recipe?

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