Mediterranean BBQ Lamb Chops | Jamie Oliver

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Jamie gives this gorgeous lamb recipe a twist with hits of Italian and Greek influence for a mediterranean wedding of flavours made in heaven. It’s got an amazing rub, and roast veg to die for. If it’s not BBQ season don’t worry — you can try it on the griddle too.

(Shhhh!….. I was on this shoot and I can tell you it was the best lamb I have ever tasted. Every last bit was eaten. Trust me — you’ve got to try it!)

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Find the recipe here:

All the food made in this video was shared out and eaten among the very lucky Food Tube crew. Nothing goes to waste.

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lesleyann dunbar says:

Thanks for all your ideas. Could you give me ideas for recipes with no cheese (im allergic) also puddings with no chocolate as im allergic to that also.

Spanish Jo says:

Looks good …can I have 3 ribs please?

Truckn USA says:

These are so damn good

The BBQ King Yeah Weโ€™ll See Mate says:

Why do all these chefs act like we can just ask our butchers for whatever we want?

yamete kudasai says:

omg mates just put the chops on the grill without the shitty oil, put on each side some salt and a little bit of black pepper , when you see blood starting to boil up from the bone count to 5 and flip it to the other side, give it abit less time and enjoy great medium done chop with great flavor that doesnt ruin the meat.

Thapelo Nare says:

But did he make the lamb sauce?

rztrzt says:

Idiot killed those chops, overdone past leather soles.

Azim Ali says:

Looks great
And i bet it TASTES BETTER ๐Ÿ˜

dave whittington says:

just 'The Biz' me and my boys love all your cooking, thanx

Charlie says:

Damn! I thought I finally found a Jamie Oliver recipe that doesn't have yogurt

Gladiator7 7 says:

Now i'm soooo hungry!!!!

Dave Elzacky says:

Man, I Love this Guy ๐Ÿ˜‚
Food Tube Doesn't have a Boring Chef. Each Chef is Awesome in their own way (not to mention Gennaro) ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Hands Down!!

Quni Quni says:


AS IT IS says:

He uses the tongs he moved the charcoal on the lamb – YUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

parsa shamshiri says:

we call this shishleek in iran

Hur Guler says:

He used bulgur which is very common in Central and Eastern Turkey. I doubt Greeks use bulgur much just as the Turkish people who live near the Aegean coast can't say it's their specialty. Bulgur is cracked, parboiled wheat. He cooked it with olive oil. Since it's hinterland food, not the Med coast line, most cook bulgur with butter. I have no idea why he brought up the term "Italian"…I have never heard of Italians using bulgur. My advice for Jamie Oliver is to travel. Not just visit the capitals but travel different regions to appreciate the diversity of Med cuisine all the way from Spain to Lebanon.

Khitam Kadhim says:

You are amazing not the meat only I love you Jamie

terry mather says:

and jamie can't cook tried it taste like shite

Manos Agtzidis says:

When he says, "brothers and sisters"… I just wanna hug him and tell him, welcome in my heart fellow human.

Fandrian makarim says:

I hate this guy

Isabia Bia says:

tu furi curent in ce priveste '' Italian and Greek influence'' ,,,ia o pauza, mergi in Italia sa traiesti un pic acolo si abia dupa aia , posibil, ai putea sa amesteci cateva ingrediente,,,

Underrated Critic says:

It's pronounced "Oh-maaj"!

Samantha Esra says:

I'm going to try this on my fancy South African gas braii.i don't like cooking at ground level.

MC Gaming says:

honny + orange juice + venigar !!!

go home ur drunk

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