Melt in Your Mouth Pork Belly by Chinese Masterchef • Taste Show

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This will be one of the best pork belly you’ve ever made.

This Chinese pork belly is first braised with reed leaves and various spices in a wok before put into a steamer. The leaves yield refreshing fragrance to the pork belly, so the final dish is melt in your mouth tender, yet not greasy at all. Try this Chinese pork belly recipe by masterchef John Zhang, you won’t disappoint.

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Pork belly 500g
1 piece of straw
Reed leaves 6
Chinese cooking wine ½ cup
Soy sauce ½ cup
Rock sugar 1 tbsp
Cinnamon & star anise & bay leaf
Five spice powder
Green onion 10g
Ginger 30g
Lotus leaf 1
Bamboo steamer basket 1

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Vinland Saga says:

Next Bat belly Crunchy with 1tsp Coronavirus

TeleTubeEnt T.T.E says:

So I was just about to go make a sandwich and YouTube recommends this 😏

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Background music is so peaceful to hear 🙂

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Pork belly is way better than bat

David Yardley says:

Ghandi 's flip flop would melt simmering for 3 hours

Theron Youmans says:

Not only a beautiful dish but a beautiful process

Creappy Slogan says:

Can You eat the straw?

Евгений Конков says:

Мармелад из сала?))

Ilham Kerupuk says:

Aku pengen makan tapi gak bayar :(

Saya dari Indonesia

clint21210 says:

Meat candy!

Wajid Ansari says:

At least 5 hrs needed to cook this… really.. who is going to spend this much time…

you tube says:

Pork 🥩 is like poison. If u don't know. Wat this animal has effect on humans. Google it. Data don't lie. Cancer 50 kind of diseases killer animal pork

jsj31313jj says:

Little late 🥺

Raymund Mendoza says:

Parang patatim lang

Pijush Bhuyan says:

i saw this after watching contagion

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