Mexican Beef Soft Tacos by Rockin Robin

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Learn how to make delicious beef soft tacos. I will show you how to soften your corn tortillas and how to make Mexican beef without using store bought taco seasoning mix. My beef recipe is just as easy and taste better without all the added salt and chemicals.

These soft tacos can be served with salsa, sour cream, guacamole or sliced avocado, jalapenos and anything else you can think of. Feel free to substitute chicken or pork too.

If you are looking for low fat soft tacos, consider just heating the corn tortillas in a frying pan on the stove or sprinkling them with water and then heating them in the microwave for 10 seconds.

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You can find the complete recipe here:

Rockin Robin


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pinball wzd says:

Italiano tacomanali

Mhd Nissmk says:

So much hate on this poor women she just doing what she loves making americanized Mexican tacos let her do her thing you can tell she proud of it leave her alone let her be if you hate and disagree on her recipes don’t watch them how would you like it if someone came and told you how to and not do things

Mhd Nissmk says:

Who cares if these are American people version of making Mexican tacos what’s important is if there good and plus it’s there recipe if you don’t like it then just don’t watch it especially if you haven’t tried these american tacos 🌮 shut the hell up haters

MiSS. MiMi says:

Looks so nasty

Numba Juan says:

The music is poppin

Mr FSU says:

Not Mexican tacos

Sherr Phillips says:

Those tortillas are full of grease.

Charles Graham says:

ground beef. thats white ppl tacos. my grandmother never used ground beef. only when she would make a hamburger lol

mateo Chafin says:

Who puts a slice of tomato on a taco 🤦🏻‍♂️ why not dice it

A_Chaos_G says:

I cook my shells like she does only a slightly bit higher heat. I also use a fork while slightly pressing down in the middle of the shell, then start to fold them into a normal shell until they hold their shape and have a slight crisp to them. After, put paper towels in the shell and dab the oil off with a paper towel. The shells she made looks like they have too much grease. Not enough heat and the shell will simply absorb the oil and it will not turn out right. Notice by her first dab of a broken piece of shell. I still think heat should've been higher though even to keep them soft as she has them.

TheIronLady says:

what is this butchery, I nearly cried, what did you do to those fucking tortillas? this is NOT how to make Mexican tacos. omg.

Chris almighty says:

Yea they look really good but i am not certain if you should call this Mexican.

XoBrittany says:

Omg you mexicans annoying if u know thats not how u cook the real tacos why comment why u watching this video if u know to make tacos shut the freak up

Hawaiian Girl says:


hektorlinko says:

That looks yummy as always. Your videos always inspire me to make new food. You're the best. Aside from that, your Raiders are looking pretty good this year. Good luck! : ))

Dennis Gooch says:

looks great! thanks.

inject Drano says:

Gringo tacos.

Juan Mc says:

Eso sin ofender no es un verdadero taco suave

victormeldroo says:

notice some have asked how to prep and fold a taco for best results ie no food falls out or taco falls apart when you bite in, spreat your sauce onto the taco evenly with a spoon, lay your ingredients down the middle but leave space at the bottom end of your ingedients, from the bottom fold upwards like how you start to roll a rollup fag, then wrap 1 side over then the other over it, this makes a secure base where nothing falls out the bottom or sides,
wrap firmly as you can but dont force it as it will split. hey presto you got an edible easy to handle wrap. simples.

victormeldroo says:

cooking it that way could only be realy greesy and soggy, no way you should ever put taco's in oil, only ever warm them in a hot dry pan, fry your beef 3 times if it has 20% fat content and fry it to almost dry on the 3rd time add your spices, if its lean fry twice, get a burn crust residue in the pan.remove and rest the mince, then add yogurt and season if needed to the pan to recover the char flavour from the pan, construct your taco with your chosen ingredients, spoon on the yogurt sauce and you got awsome flavour, then add somecold yogurt or mayo trust me i have cooked this way for years, absolute 100% never failed croud pleaser.

6771Randy says:

Robin, you are truly the champion of chopped onion and fresh garlic!!! All are almost perfectly chopped to equal size, amazing!

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