Mexican Cheese Dip by Rockin Robin

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This Mexican cheese dip recipe will be a hit at your next party.

This delicious dip is sometimes called queso fundido, queso blanco or even cheese fondue. Serve with carrots, celery, crackers or sliced sourdough baguette or tortilla chips.

1 lb. Land of Lakes white american cheese
1 large yellow onion, finely chopped
4 cloves garlic, minced
4 oz. can chopped green chiles
2 -3 teaspoones olive oil
1 tsp. butter

Caramelize onion in the oil and butter for 40 – 60 minutes.
During the last 5 minutes add the garlic.
Preheat oven to 350 degree F.
Drain chiles

Layer cheese, onion mixture, and chiles in an oven proof dish. Bake for 20 min or until cheese is melted. Stir and serve.

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1cobaltcrazy says:

I have never seen it made this way but I'm going to try it! Melting cheese is sometimes kind of iffy if you don't do it perfectly Doing it in the oven makes sense! Thank You!

Brent McFarland says:

At the end I would add a little evaporated milk and butter milk.

Brent McFarland says:

In restaurants they add 2 tsps of sodium citrate. Makes the cheese melt more even and creamier. Also keeps the fats from the cheese from separating. Also makes the cheese sauce last longer if kept on a warmer.

Donna McManus says:

Land o Lakes cheeses are mostly found at grocery deli counters where they slice & weigh it.
Old El Paso and walmart Great Value both have 4 oz cans of chopped green chiles around the same price as trader Joe's.
No, not spicy but a great versatile cheese dip/sauce. Try as a pizza sauce w/ oven roasted veggies.

ed mercado says:

What kind of hippie cheese dip is this lol

Nancy Goodman says:

I was so excited to make this!  I  found it bland and had to add lots of hot peppers to spice it up.  I was so disappointed!

SillyConeBaby says:

That looks truly amazing. I never thought of caramelized onions, Awesome, I can't wait!
HOPE I can find that cheese, I don't really ever seeing that brand …

SillyConeBaby says:

Eeek, where to find LAND O LAKES white American Cheese?? Is it sold the separate little packages, or in block form?
PS, we don't have Trader Joes; I am in Oklahoma City :/

John Campbell says:

Do you have a mole sauce recipe?

Debbie Holland says:

Love your shirt. Do you know Where I can find one? Thanks for all the videos and good recipie ideas.

Kyle Marciniak says:

This looks great, but chopping or mincing the onion by hand would probably be faster than hauling that stuff out and cleaning it. 

melissa hernandez says:

You know what I have a good amount of the cheese that I need to use up thanks for the recipe :)

Chesney Warden says:

Do you have to add the vegetables? I just want the white cheese dip that you would get from a Mexican restaurant

Amber Dean says:

It would be great with fresh warm flour tortillas too! Great recipe.

Sabrina Massie says:

Another excellent recipe delivered beautifully. My husband is one happy camper now. We're older and on a limited income. We've missed enjoying the food at our local family-operated Mexican Restaurant… This and so many more of your recipes have made that "sacrifice" so much more palatable .. Thanks Again !

Harvinder Singh says:

I have a project on Dips cheese based in this semester. I am starting by watching this video after getting the main idea. ;ater I have a presentation in the class. Thank you very much for sharing this video. Cheers, Harvinder

Rockin Robin Cooks says:

That's awesome John! Thanks for following up!

John Texas says:

I just made this for a meeting at church. People ate every bit of it, surprising for the picky old people we have. Thanks so much!

Rockin Robin Cooks says:

Sure give it a try. I haven't tried that but I think it would be fine.

ljsedivy says:

I would think after carmelizing onions & adding garlic you could put in slow cooker. I'm thinking of quadrupling the recipe for graduation party. THANKS!

Rockin Robin Cooks says:

Fantastic! I love hearing those kinds of comments! Thanks for sharing and enjoy the recipes. Don't forget to follow me on Facebook.

Lollipop12104 says:

I made it for the potluck! It was a huge hit, I made the whole block, 5lbs of it lol… People were even asking me if they could take some home because they loved it soo much!! Everyone you must make this.. it's super easy and very yummy, looking forward to trying all your recipes :)

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