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Hey guys!! Welcome to a brand-new episode. is a platform that delivers culinary experiences and quality cooking classes. It’s a new and exciting way to enjoy food while traveling, choose from hundreds of cooking classes and food tours, learn the secrets of traditional recipes from local chefs and embark yourself in a culinary adventure with friends and family at one of the more than 130 cities and more than 25 countries including top destinations like Mexico City, Rome, Bangkok and many more

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As you already know, this is the first episode of Cooking with the Guys, a new series that intends to share real traditional recipes and engage people with cooking Mexican food at home for family and friends or simply for yourself.

Our plan is to show you guys some of the basis in Mexican cuisine and start moving forward from that point on. Salsas are an essential part of Mexico’s food, now that you know how to cook a proper red and green salsa, we can start doing a whole lot of things!!

So, here’s a quick guide:

-For the red salsa you will need:

1) Red tomatoes (any kind will do just fine)

2) Green serrano chilis (you can also use jalapeños just in case you don’t found serrano)

3) Half an onion

4) 1 Clove of garlic

5) Ckicken stock powder (jelly cubes will do the work as well)

6) Salt

7) Ground pepper

-For the green salsa you will need:

1) Green tomatillos (which are like green little sticky tomatoes, we are not sure how easy is to find them outside Mexico, if you are having a hard time getting your hands around some of those tomatoes, don’t forget to visit a Hispanic or Mexican market)

2) Green serrano chilis (you can also use jalapeños just in case you don’t found serrano)

3) A hand full of fresh cilantro

4) Salt

The total amount we paid for all the ingredients and things we used in the video was around 100 MXN (5.00 USD), very cheap in delicious indeed. We are almost sure that you will be able to find all ingredients in any supermarket around the globe. Do have any question or suggestions? You can contact us on our social media, and we will be more than happy to hear from you and answer any question.

Cheers !!

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sneaks01 says:

I will try making your Salsas this weekend!!!

Brian Anderson says:

I hope you do more of these recipe videos. Great job guys! Often when I make huevo rancheros, I often spread a layer of bean paste on my tortillas, then the eggs, top with cojita, and use store bought American salsas, But now I think I'll make the extra effort of making my own salsas because it does not look so hard.

Choche Lately says:

I really loved your video 5 mexican guys, Best regards…

Please when you made "huevos" remember to call it "eggs"….

i wish you the best and if some Day you travel come to nueva rosita coahuila, and i give a tour for a good taste each corner of my City got something to eat

mary a Corona says:

Excellent vlog!

bgregg55 says:

So far I've only perfected a pico de gallo. I want to expand my salsa making now.

Rodolfo Plata says:

la cara de Moises 13:01 lol …dejenme hablar yo quiero opinar

Rodolfo Plata says:

good job guys! 6:48 boiling water Horacio… really?? I barely saw a bubble lol

LCM Houston says:

Nice job! Mom will be proud 😋😋😋

Stella P says:

Great video guys!! 👍
Both salsas look delicious and so simple to make 😋
Thanks for sharing…looking forward to more cooking videos!! 😁

F E D E says:

Good job guys! Looks delicious 👌🏼 I love hot salsa 🍅🥑🌶

Farielovedust says:


delores mendoza says:

I have tried both kinds, I make the red one, YUM!!! Thank you 5 Mexican Guys for sharing your version of making salsas! :) Stay safe and humble!!

real talk says:

Puro real talk aqui

jodonbaker43 says:

Fantastico muchas gracias es muy bueno .

Alicia Barreto says:

i enjoyed this video. you guys are so cute. ❤

Maria Sanchez says:

Nice video guys. I must try these sauces next weekend. Alonso nice chef moves cutting the garlic. Thank you guys!

Christine Lewis says:

Looks really good guys. I have a fresh red salsa home made I use, but have been looking for a green one. Can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing.

Martha Munoz says:

I've always wanted to learn how to make green chili it looks amazing😘🌶😘🌶

Martha Munoz says:

Hello, from Cali

Sublime66699 says:

great job can't wait to see another salsa video

LuisVillafana81 says:

Great job, guys!

mau lopez says:

Great video 5MG, I really enjoyed it, yuuummmiiiii! I'll do my best to make the green salsa first and go from there, but I'm really looking forward to try it with the sunny side up eggs, looks delicious! Great job guys, keep it up! And yes, personally, I'd love to watch more cooking videos from you as well as the traditional food tours. Cheers!

Cindy P says:

Looks very delicious good work guys💙💙🌺🌺

Misty Edwards says:

Soooooo did you guys ever find the garlic? 😂

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