Mexican Street food, mexican street food recipes

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Mexico street food, Taco stands in Patzcuaro, Michoacan, mexico city street food, mexican street food vendors, mexican street food recipes, mexican food recipes indian style
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Rigo “C.U.” Amador says:

Watched the video but thumbs down for all the links.

Ricardo Monroy says:

Las pupusas son unas tortillas gordas con chiches de puerca adentro no?

Simon Perez says:

mucha ambre

Simon Perez says:

tengo ambre

Simon Perez says:

tengo ambre

Simon Perez says:

tengo ambre im hungry las pupusas

Simon Perez says:

tengo ambre im hungry

Simon Perez says:

tengo ambre im hungry

Rob _ says:

stop with the cheap windows covering your links

esperanza Alcala says:

no son pupusas son tlaclyos y son de mexico

Kieran Reade says:

OK, so I'm hungry now.

Marty McFly says:

What is she chewing on???

daniel hernandez says:

that's elsalvadorian food puposas

Blackplastic says:

My god, that looks so good.

Bllue says:

México has a dish very similar to pupusas named gorditas or sopes. they take different forms depending on which part of the country you're in

Ivette Martinez says:

o.O wrong! That's popusas! a Salvi dish

Fernando Lazaro says:

thats not mexican thats salvadorian (pupusas)

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