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Potatoes cook at 450F for 25-30 min. Seasoned with cayenne pepper, salt, pepper, cumin, lime, and garlic powder.

Guacamole: avocado, lime, pepper and salt.

Pico de gallo: tomatoes, cilantro and sauteed green onions.

White cream: sesame seeds, almonds, lime juice, pepper, salt, water and garlic powder. You can make it spicy add more nuts or nutritional yeast up to you :).


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Nick Marie says:

I would love to see more mexican recipes. I know you have quite a lot already, but i just love citrus and spice.

Mayra Munoz says:

This looks soooooo good! I’m so excited to have found your channel

Patricia Thomsen says:

i love your video!! hah crispy as fuck!

Tina O'Day says:

I made these for dinner, I halved the recipe and ate the whole thing. Sooo good!! ❤️❤️

Chenytra Gilbert says:

I have everything but the sesame seeds will it still be good with chia seeds ? I’m really craving this right now lol

Elevated Vegans says:

This looks so epic!! I can’t wait to try it out

Sheena biggerstaff says: next dish!

Sheena biggerstaff says:

I don't think people realize how EASY it is too make vegan food..I feel so much better..since I made the change to it! I can make anything just like others, only vegan..and I think it comes out better.

Sheena biggerstaff says:

I don't think how EASY it is to make vegan sooo much better for you. since I made the change I'm feeling so much better!

Chief Kesh says:

In love with the hashtags lol

Civil Savage says:

#crispyasfuck 😂😂😂 you rock!!!

Jennifer Hergert says:

I love your food so far. It's vegan but so hearty.

Katashia Brown says:

OMG that looks so amazing.

vinyassa44 says:

I made this except with sweet potatoes and topped it with all the ingredients. So good!

Angelica Dzana says:

Dude you tweek Mexican food so flawlessly! I love your recipes, as a vegan I didn’t want to lose my cultural dishes, and I don’t thanks to you!! #weloveneto 😉

Robert Lyons says:

Iv tried most of your food and love it! Love your amazing personality! Keep up the great work I'm addicted to watching you! Not in a creepy way! Lol

Jazzy Kreations says:

hi how can I get your cook book?

Low ky says:

This recipe was amazing! Loved it.

Theodore K. Mullins says:

Once u said "…you can make your own… plus we didnt have sun dried tomatoes and all that shit" I subbed. Saludos!

Jasmine Groves says:

This was delicious! I only made mine with 2 potatoes (for one person) but accidentally made enough pico de gallo to feed a small village, and lemme tell you, it was not a problem

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