Michael's Beef Roast Over Vegetables | The Chew

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Chef Michael Symon walks you through the five easy steps you need to make the perfect comfort food dish for the meat-lovers in your family. Watch The Chew WEEKDAYS at 1e|12c|p.

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sk87est says:

Please please DO NOT USE aluminum foil there. Just wipe and wash the pan afterwards. I certainly know it's more work today but better than suffering from Alzheimer's, etc later.. Convenience has price on our health.

Uri Wright says:

You can tell the guy with the hat really likes his "uppers"

Alan Horowitz says:

Excellent tips on making a roast. It came out perfectly. Thanks very much.

Mark P says:

Infomercial lame

Fractured Hearts says:

If that thing at the end came around me with a knife I would shoot it then burn the remains…..

Mrs. Josh Randall says:

Cook to a shoe Lol
. I've done that! Shoe!! Ha ha! I'll get it right now…lol

Mrs. Josh Randall says:

I sure miss the chew!!boo hoo! Stupid Mario Batali!! Pffft

Smug Smugly says:

J'ai mangé des trucs dans les toilettes qui avaient l'air mieux que ça.

Angel Alvarez says:

You leave the Thermometer in the oven

Ray Kandi says:

I did not have a thermometer and cooked at 275 for 1hr 20min and it came out med-well.

Eyeball 007 says:

Eureka. Thanks, finally someone shows how to cook it and end up with pink, juicy meat.

Roxanne Levesque says:

What thee hell is growing on that ladies head.  Must have no good friends to tell her she looks ridiculous.

Monisola Elliott says:

Making this right now. I'll let you know how it turned out.

Mel Hardee says:

I just put mine in the pressure cooker.

Mary Bennett says:

I miss this show 😭

ColorCodeTrader says:

These would be directions for a standing rib roast, maybe, but you really do need to get chuck to 190 unless you want to eat connective tissue rare. Chuck is best when it's falling apart.

longka007 says:

Your meat is NOT properly cooked; I can see blood still in it.

Jeri M says:

How do I get rid of the English subtitles for a show in English?

Adrian At And T says:

Don't y cover it?

Dump Trump says:

Why does that woman have a cow pat on her head.??

GT Davis says:

Sooooo, do you cover the roast or leave it open in the oven????

ezikier says:

Salt the night before ? I was always told not to salt to the last second or it sucks the moisture out.

jessie james says:

too much talking….!

jessie james says:

fresh beef tht size in my country would cost about $50 ! other cuts of beef or frozen arent so expensive

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