Middle Eastern Lamb – Lamb Stew – Arabic Lamb Stew – Slow cooked Lamb – Best Lamb Stew Recipes

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Middle Eastern Lamb Shank Stew – Arab style Stew – Slow Cooked Lamb –

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A A says:

Arabic is a language 😆 *arabian

Zareen Soomro says:

Whats the name of black spice? Can someone write here

Yasmin Cruz says:

All that work to cook just one lamb shank 😒😏😶

Psycho Diary says:

Thanks so much! Will cook now, wish me luck lol

IL62 M says:

for those who never tried it. The smell of it stewing can be sniffed a mile away and indicator of how delicious it is especially with white rice

cristino hipe says:

This is Great!! thank you for sharing.

Fred Gadget says:

Oh mate this is absolutely devine , looks so delicious 😍😍😍 your videos are amazing you made me watch one after one.

Anas M says:

I love your way of cooking as well as your English accent

Seycas says:

Looks great … I would have put 1 more shank in, for more flavour and to balance the amount of vegetables used. I will be trying this recipe for sure!!

Abdelrahman khalil عبدالرحمن خليل says:

Looks delicious 😋 but we fry the eggplant before adding it

willyb933 says:

Beautiful dish!! I love Lamb Shanks …getting pricey here in Canada. Thanks for your time!

Adrian Marson says:

Looks great live making stews and casseroles with plenty of spices and herbs and crusty bread to dip in the sauces

khdooj Qu says:

Greeting from jorden 🙂

MadKing says:

Looks delicious 🤩 big thanks to you 😍

JayT LaMunch says:

Wish we were neighbours, I would be round with my plate lol. looks so delicious, and I can't wait to make Thank you :-))

Nahir J says:

Delicious ! ❤🙂

tolstitoo says:

Brilliant! Are you posting from the sandpit?

Nusrat Faras says:

Looking tempting 😋 yum

Dwight Mann says:

Hello from Honduras that looks good

M. Corège says:

Would have loved to see the final part of your video with you cutting into the delicious lamb shank and pulling the lovely tender meat off the bone and taking one bite – to me that's the best part of a video – thx for sharing – cheers from Cabada

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