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I was very wary when I first came across this recipe – the combination of minced beef and cheese strikes me as a bit weird. But it actually works wonderfully and I don’t know why minced beef and cheese pies aren’t more common. They are very popular in parts of Australia and New Zealand, and they really are yummy!

A few people have asked where they can buy those pie dishes. This is an affiliate link to Amazon UK – these perforated dishes seem to have replaced the ones that I have: http://amzn.to/2sikOIv


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Lawrence Lawrence says:

Love the pie dishes…where can I buy ones just like those?.. great pie too.

Scott Lanter says:

Keef, this recipe looks fantastic and I would like to make it this weekend. I'm in the U.S. and am curious about the type of cheddar that you used. Does this taste like the yellow cheddar we have in the U.S.? If not, what would be a comparable cheese to use? Also, is the minced beef that you used is the same as ground beef? Thanks so much for any reply. I really like your channel a lot.

Ari Hutchins says:

Mince and cheese pies are defiantly a NZ thing, nothing better than a good pie with some Watties tomato sauce!

lee watt says:

As an Aussie i can say ive never really seen this type of pie before, though i wouldnt be shocked if its not made by any of the Harry de Wheels places. Im told they make very good mushy peas too

FlipFlopCamper says:

Australian pie consists of kangaroo not beef try it its bouncing! the ausies will be hopping mad

C1 808 says:

I want to thank you sir for this wonderfully made video that I've been waiting for for 4yrs now lol Iive in Hawaii but have family in NZ and been trying to find a good recipe but it seemed to have found me lol thank you so much! aloha

Wynand Koegelenberg says:

Australian New Zealand pie? You lost me at the title. This is a New Zealand kind of pie. Only the Kiwis will add cheese to a pie. Not Australian proper. An Australian pie contains steak and kidney. Served with tomato sauce (that means ketschup in American) on top. And it is delicious! Cheese belongs on a pizza mate.

t0ko says:

from what i have seen in nz and australia, nz call them mince and cheese and from what i could find in australia, the same version is called beef and cheese. just an observation

Grimnir Ulfbrand says:

So, I've just recently discovered this channel and become hooked. This is a great example of a typical pie here, which is good because there's dreadfully few on the internet generally. The tradition of serving a pie in a bowl of pea soup is very specific to Adelaide, capital of South Australia, and is virtually unknown in the rest of the country. It's called a Pie Floater. Traditionally you'd also slather the pie with tomato sauce when you're done, even if it's in a floater.

Jeannie Davis says:

Mince and cheese pies are more common in NZ than Australia. I'm originally from NZ but currently live in Australia. You go to any bakery in NZ and that pie is practically a staple, whereas in Australia, not so much. I've been living in Brisbane for 3 years and I've only just recently found a bakery that makes mince and cheese pies lol. Also, pies in NZ taste SOOOOO much better!!!!

Through the Telescope! says:

I could eat this everyday.

Keith Jones says:

hi keef this is keeff just made these pies so good thanks keep up the good work nice one

Anatoni Wirihana says:

I'm a Kiwi and luv my pies, steak n cheese being my fav. I lived just out of cairns for 13yrs and no-one made a steak n cheese pie. In 2015 we did a 2week road trip and moved the family to Tasmania. From cairns to Melbourne no-one sold a steak and cheese pie. So I can safely say that no-one makes these pies in Australia, and if you do, you got it from us.

Dani Siclari says:

Can I use vegetable shortening in place of lard for the crust?

Mav F says:

I use butter for my Hot Water Dough. Other flavoured ingredients try all or either: Thyme, Wine, Garlic, Worcestershire Sauce, tablespoon of Tomato Paste.

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