Mistakes Everyone Makes Using The Slow Cooker

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Who needs the hassle of cooking by hand when you have a slow cooker? Throw everything in there in the morning, then forget it about it until dinnertime — there’s nothing better, right? But as easy as slow cookers are, they do come with rules. Here are some of the mistakes everyone seems to make when they use slow cookers, so you can be sure not to make them yourself…

Taking a peek | 0:18
Using expensive cuts | 0:49
Not searing meat first | 1:14
Cooking skin-on chicken | 1:51
Fresh vs. dry herbs | 2:28
Using the wrong size | 3:00
Adding dairy too soon | 3:31
Using too much alcohol | 3:59
Cooking frozen food | 4:32
Not layering correctly | 4:52
Not greasing | 5:07

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Mashed says:

Are you a slow cooker fan?

sickre says:

Slow cooker liner seems like a great way to get all kinds of hormone disruptors from the plastic into your food… just like sous vide.

Ni Bwa says:

I don't get this : How can you add fresh herbs or dairy at the end of the process if open up up the cooker for a second makes you loose half an hour cooking time ?

bag o' toe tags says:

I take care of my 92 year old granny who still likes to cook for everybody, but she's the ultimate slow cooker.

N,N DMT says:

I can't stop peeking in there when my whole house smells like BBQ :')

NG Slot says:

Thanks for this great Info !

Jecelyn Latimer says:

Great tips, though try and avoid using the slow cooker bags. Single use plastics can be great for certain people ( for example disabled and elderly people) but those bags take decades to break down into toxic molecules. Also, just not sure I like the idea of my food being cooked in plastic like that.

Ross Munn says:

As instructed, do not peak, but she says add milk or cheese at the end, so instructions should say add dairy at end and at 30 minutes to time cooked. Right! Also, some slow cookers have hot spots and don't do the job correctly, usually old ones, check it out on your cooker.

Lobster with Mustard and Rice says:

If everyone makes a mistake is it still a mistake?

g man says:

Great video but why do you say erbs instead of herbs (im from England lol)

ArmouredKat says:

I don't make any of these mistakes. That means "everyone" doesn't make them.

Josh Gilder says:

Searing meat is not healthy

Slow Cooker Ideas says:

agree with all these tips, especially the cuts of meat, the cheaper cuts are normally better for the slow cooker

teambeining says:

Luv my slow cooker 💗

Bruce Carney says:

Open the lid and it will take an extra 30 minutes? Didn't pass physics did you ? Most of this is pure crap. Fall on your swords.

HotSince88 says:

Since when was herbs pronounced “erbs” 🤦🏼‍♂️

Jocie Marie says:

Some kind of genius included M. Bison.

Cheesy Does It Cooking says:

You forgot mention texting your father to be safe.

This is Us anyone?

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