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Mixed Veg Soup Recipe by Chef Kanak. Made quick and served hot, especially for chilly winters. Enjoy. Do like, comment and share the recipe with your friends.

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Mary Kutty says:

adipoly kidilan parayan vakkilla

Gayathri Reddyshetty says:

What’s the substitute for chilly flakes????

Theresavaz 03101964 says:

Instead of corn starch y not add some oats it is healthy n nutritional

PrettyYou _555 says:

I really liked it and I love vegetables ❤❤❤❤🥗🍲

Rahul Gautam says:

Is 🌽 flour important? Can I leave it?

Priyanka Shimpi says:

Wow.its look like yummy

Hashmat Haveri says:

Its is tooooooo yummy 😘😘😘😘😘

Ishrath Sajid says:

Superb…..easy recipe…..

Musthafa Ph says:


Mysterious Mansi says:

Bay leaf is तेज पत्ता

Kabita Halder says:

Its really easy and looks tasty

Our Cooking Collection says:

Wow … what a recipe…do watch our channel also and subscribe if u like it…

Goldi Virdi says:

Simple and healthy

T Narasingha Patro says:

Mam what is corn flour

puja agarwal says:

Make clear soup for momos

Tanishka Bhatti says:

It's looking so yummy really want to eat it

Livtar Saini says:

Awesome 👍

Shanker Dulani says:

V.nice soup .
So yammmmmyyyy

Meri Rasoi says:

very good soup i suscribe your channel you also suscribe my channel

Tv, beauty, home decor, art and more says:

Wow! Ummmmm! Thanks for this video

Reena Unhale says:

Just what i was looking for!! Thanks Kanak :) Also, can you please tell me an easy and quick recipe for making Vegetable stock?

Ismatt gulamsabir says:

Hi kanak
I love all your recipe and I did tried veg soup it’s very delicious came out
Lots of love keep it up

Ayesha Sayed says:

Very nice soup even I showed it to my mum she made it. ….it was lovely
……..when will you make cheese samosa.??

Allison Thomas says:

Thank you for this delicious recipe, I made it exactly but with a couple of additions. I boiled chicken bones and 3 cubes of breast and made stock out of it, and made it exactly like this, but I fried the chicken cubed breast first with the onions at the beginning. It turned out AMAZING.

priyank naik says:

Simple and delicious….thank you mam

Krisha Jain says:

How to make stock

Shana's Awesome House says:

Please try making homemade Marshmallows Please

Shana's Awesome House says:

Really yum dear kanak it's absolutely fine and amazing for winter

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