Mrs JB cooks Honey garlic pork chops

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Mrs JB runs me out the kitchen to cook Garlic Honey Pork chops with sweet tators & cornbread.
In this other video below is how Me & Mrs JB met:

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Tom Marsh says:

gdammitt boy let her do the vids from now on..regina you rocked it..and dare i say much better looking…cheers guys…hugs

Guy Moore says:

If younger couples watched you guys they would most likely think twice and stay together….its all compromise lol

Rebel Hemi says:

Where'd my pop go? Did I put it on the fire? LMAO!!

mama byrd says:


Devin Williams says:

And the award for best youtube cook intro goes too!

J. McNeese says:

I really enjoy watching you guys, this video is very entertaining! You guys work very well in the kitchen together!💕 What about the lima beans?

Mary Spaabeck says:

Watching mr & mrs JB torment each other and film and cook at the same time was great, mrsJB that was some fine supper you made! And that union camera man runs a good shoot hope u got a kiss for cooking! Have u ever cooked frog legs? Had some once, tasted good, but looked like they could leap off the platter. If it wouldn't gross u out it would be a good video. Can't get em up here without special ordering, but aren't they available down your way? Thanks for cooking, hope u will make more videos!

cayogator says:

wish i had my momma's old kornpone mold !!!

Tammy Yetman says:

Y'all are so cute

Creative Inspirations says:

Dangit can Ms JB be my wife yaw

BeatBoxSoNk says:

Mr Jb wants to know if its a good honey while he smoked a good weed…… lol nobody saw it?

Sonya #IAM says:

Hey! Mrs JB love the receipt video YUM!

Fred Ricker says:

what a great couple. great food and great show

Ramona Williams says:

oh my! aintnyaw. funny. he just wouldn't stay out would he? In going to try this at work. thanks for MAkin it easy to follow!!!!

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