Mrs JB makes Cabbage rolls

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Happy New Year! I make Black eye peas with bacon

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chezgeon says:

I love this recipe. Check out the cabbage rolls I made in my instant pot with smoked salmon.

ben7930 says:

Jb you probably already know this but iam just trying to throw it out there if not with the cabbage before you cook to get core out grip cabbage head with core facing down and on counter top slam head down hard on core and it breaks core loose

Mid-Tenn Transit, LLC says:

Hey JB, what is that tool called that Mrs. JB was using to break up the ground beef? And where can I find one?

Rebel Hemi says:

Boy, this may be my favorite. Cabbage Rolls are hard to beat. Those look great. Keep up the good work.

Hocus Smokus KITCHEN & GRILL says:

In the past,Shelley and I would make a hundred at a time and freeze em! My grandma used to steam the leaves as well,but since Ive learned that freezing the heads of cabbage for about 2 weeks softens them really nice and makes it really easy to separate the leaves! Just be sure to thaw them in the sink as they give off a lot of water! Give it a shot! Thanks for the vid!!

Playamack Real o.g says:

Jb do some grill boudan sausage in some spaghetti

Evocatus Vexillarius says:

Should do Black Eyes with some Deer Sausage

Big Rons Hobbies says:

Happy New year to you and Mrs JB them cabbage rolls looked like YUM to me and the black eye peas too !

bowhunter2439 says:

Mrs JB got it goin on right there , fine looking cabbage rolls , real GUUUUDDDD….!!!

Alizah Anderson says:

Hi JB – I love watching your videos and learning how to cook authentic southern food! We LOVE your recipes at our house. My long-term boyfriend and I are thinking about taking a vacation in Louisiana this spring/summer – and we're both foodies. What restaurants/scenes would you recommend us visiting to get that authentic southern-style cooking? We're from Minnesota :)

andrew haszonics says:

cabbage rolls and family,dosnt get much better than that, happy new year j. b.

Anonymoose says:

Great to see Regina in the kitchen again, and showing you how! That's a huge batch of cabbage rolls, but with the whole family there, you had a LOT of hungry mouths to feed, and I know from the past that her cabbage rolls demand seconds, and even thirds.

1WickedAngel1 says:

Hi JB 😎 when Mrs.'s JB said "Preservatives Boy!!" I laughed my butt off!! LOL!! She said it cuz you asked her if she could use Ketchup for her Cabbage Rolls, just in case you forgot LOL!! She is so cute & I really enjoyed watching her do this video!! I'd love to see you both cooking together!! Ur little Grandchildren are cute!! I bet their a handful too!! Back to those Cabbage Rolls, My Mother makes delicious Cabbage Rolls!! She puts a little secret in her tomato sauce, brown sugar!! They are so delicious 😋. Yum Boy!! LOL!! Ur black eyed peas looked delicious 😋 too!! Happy New Year Big Guy🎉🎉🎉🍷🍾

Biggs' Home Cookin' says:

Hey Mrs JB, looks like you know your way around the kitchen… cabbage rolls were looking good. On another note, JB your into the music.. I did a music tag that was started by Fred over at MrMegaFredZeppelin you should check out my video there's a surprise in there for ya > > Happy New Year! : )

Mary Spaabeck says:

Looks wonderful Mrs JB gonna make a pan this week! HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS 2018!!! Sure some cute grand kids !!! WISH IT WAS SPRING ALREADY!!! Thanks for the video!!!!

ginasno1 says:

Preserves boyyy! Lol good to see Mrs JB. Rolls look fantastic

77monika says:

Awesome Happy NewYear

MidWest Katie says:

Happy new year to you and Mrs. JB!

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