Ms JB’s Cornbread Dressing recipe How to make Turkey dressing

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Part 2 of 3 Holiday Recipe Ideas

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angel clouds says:

yummy.! I love you guys.

Darlene Bailey says:

Cackle fruit. LOL

GoldPhoenix99 says:

Looks good.  I'd tighten it up with sage, thyme, and carrots, but that's just me.

DirtyDirtFarm Homestead says:

Looks yummy, nice to see you behind the camera Miss JB.

MessengerOfTruth says:

Awww man!  Looks GOOD!

Shane07752 says:

Cackle Fruit lol

Shane07752 says:

Nothing beats good ole homemade corn bread dressing.

Confed Vet says:

What? No sage?? I love lots of sage, turkey broth, (from drippings), and cut up giblets in mine. Yum Boy!! Ya'll have a good one.

OMBIC says:

I do not get it,  im getting completely bombarded by adds,  I know people can hide behind there screens and say yes or what ever the hell they do to adds but SCREW that,  even to have a simple jerkoff im taking about 5 or 6 adds to find a video I like,  that's like every 2 sights,  I think im going to kill my laptop………

Kulinary Kreations says:

Good looking stuffing Mrs. JB, but I didn't see you add any sage or any other spice to it. WoW! After product looks mouth watering. Take care y'all! :)

Daves Tiny Kitchen says:

looks great mrs JB, thanks for showing us . !

Anonymoose says:

Fine looking dressing!  Very much along the lines of what I want to do. I've faked it with outo-de-box stuffing for a while, and I'm in the mood to do it right this year.

Maleesa Paradis says:

Oh my that looks great Mrs. JB.

FitAngie says:

Regina – what a great dish! Love it.

Erok BrewMeister says:

Miss Regina don't play in the kitchen :)  Cheers JB, see ya on the live broadcast tomorrow Boy !

Mac M says:

Nice job Mr & Mrs JB!
Looks like da real deal.

derick blackwell says:

Looks great jb. I wish I had a big plate of that

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