Must Try Kid-Friendly Recipes (Vegan)

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Today we are showing you how to make 4 kid-friendly vegan recipes! All are delicious and going to be a hit for the whole family! The recipes are linked below :)

– Hamburger Helper (Cheeseburger Pasta):
– Skillet Biscuit Pot Pie:
– 4-Ingredient Biscuit Donuts:
– Our Place Non-Toxic Pan:
– Cast Iron Skillet:

– “Hidden Vegetable” Pasta:
1/2 medium onion, finely chopped
3 cloves garlic, finely minced
1/2 zucchini, peeled and shredded
1/2 eggplant, peeled and shredded
1 small carrot, shredded
4 oz. mushrooms, finely chopped
24 oz. marinara sauce
16 oz. rotini pasta

– Outro music by Chris’ band:

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– Our vegan recipe ebook:

Hi, we’re Jasmine and Chris! Each week we share a new video with vegan recipes, cooking challenges and lifestyle content about our life as a vegan couple in the PNW. We invite you to join us in making the world a sweeter place!

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Rachel P says:

My picky husband would love the pot pie, can't wait to make it!

LaTosha Budde says:

I just made this for dinner and I want to tell you it is so good. I did tweak the recipe just a little bit I add fire roasted diced tomatoes. This is fantastic

Kx says:

i don't have kids, don't want them – but this is so much fun i'm going to try them! thanks x

Joann Brea says:

what a perfect recipe when you’re looking for an easy dessert to make mid-quarantine 😭🙌🏽

Charleen Rice says:

The donuts would be the only thing my picky kids would actually eat. My picky partner at least like the hamburger helper!

Tayee Jeanne says:

I don’t have kids, but I love kid friendly meals for myself 😂

L CR says:

For anyone curious, I made the pot pie, it was delicious definitely recommend, however, I did let my potatoes cook longer than the recipe suggests because I know my cookware lol, and also, following the biscuit cooking directions off the package and in the recipe, mine still came out a little undone so just be careful, but all in all it was delicious and i would make this again! 😋

Ilovewaffles099 says:

I really like the kid friendly recipes it’s very handy for my picky nieces lol

Alan Christopher says:

Eh… what are biscuits? Asking for a friend…

Denise Cuevas says:

are annie’s flaky biscuits accidentally vegan ?

Shaniafan1 says:

I watch these videos for tips for the future 😂 I’m 25 and I do want children but not just yet.

Shaniafan1 says:

The beyond beef mince is finally going to be available in Australia as of May 1st 2020 and I cannot wait.

Mira Rollenas says:

Wow, watching from PH, I'm your new friend here. Please send some love to my new channel too. <3 God bless.

QuickEasyVegan says:

Have to teach the youth. Let's change the tide Vegans!! VEGAN WORLD!!

Mechee Davis says:

My all time favorite recipe from you guys is the vegan hamburger helper! I've honestly made it ten times since it came out on your instagram. I meal prep it for my boyfriend's work, bring a big pot of it to my family and friends but i especially love it when i want something comforting! Growing up, hamburger helper has always been what my mother made for me and my brother for dinner and I've always had a love for it. Also congratulations on 100k subs!!!!

catrina kraft says:

How big is the skillet?

Plantbased Amor says:

easy recipes for the whole fam to enjoy. love it!

savanni .x says:

These look delicious !!!

Sarah V says:

Yesss, this is so helpful! I can't wait to try these out with my picky kids :)

Katelyn Lauren says:

Kid-friendly, adult approved! Looks so good! Thanks for sharing! 💚

Cynthia Ava says:

Great recipes! Where do you get all of your ideas. I will use all of these. I like to call myself "almost vegan" but my daughter is not even close. I think she would like these, though.

Butterflyneverlands says:

We don’t have any kids but sure love those recipes. I hope that biscuit brand doesn’t use any palm oil. As most vegans know, palm oil is devastating to habitats. 🤞🌱👍

zana says:

That vegan pot pie looks DELICIOUS. Might have to make it this weekend.

kathleen swenning says:

Thanks for this yuuuumy video!!!!! Stay safe!!!!!

Highlands Cuisine says:

Vegan Eggplant/brinjal curry

Runs With Rabbits says:

Definitely making hamburger helper and the donuts!!😍

RaeAnn Moldenhauer says:

I am surprised you use products that contain palm oil. I am curious why you consider it a vegan item with the awful price it pays on animals and the environment. I am not trying to argue but sincerely interested in your reasoning. Thanks

Alexandria Addison says:

The veggie pasta looks like my fave! 👌🏽

Laura Witt says:

As someone from Germany who never heard about 'Hamburger Helper', that recipe looks so typically American and absolutely delicious! :-)

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