My $100 Winning Chili recipe

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My winning chili recipe is easy to make and tastes good. PDF is here:

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Brian Jones says:

My go to recipe. Very good

Carin Hall says:

I've made the pickled eggs, and they were deeeelicious. Gonna give this a shot

water bear says:

Lol @ cumin pronunciation

Comeonyoutube says:

The best chili I've ever had.
Now I cook this all the time!

A says:

Wish more cooking videos were like this. Drives me insane how long some people make em

DetectiveSketch says:

I made this chili today. It really is good.

Rico Serrano says:

Now that's how you do a cooking video!!!!

Kae Pugna says:

Like that! lol

Anonymole says:

Ow! My neck hurts from all that whiplash. Great Vid. Do it again. (This is the way all BlueScoob videos should be made — get to the damn point already!)

bpapao says:

really like the editing, gj

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