My EASY Pecan Pie Recipe – You'll love it !

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My classic pecan pie recipe !
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I’ll show you how to make a classic pecan pie with just a few ingredients.

This pie is so yummy you’ll find yourself making it all the time.

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M J Kay says:

You certainly have a gift to make things look easy OMG

Bavaian Oakleaf says:

made this pie again for my church dinner…it was a hit

Frank Stipe says:

I'm Frank's kid. But thanks for the notice! Have a great day!

Frank Stipe says:

Hey!! Me and my dad are making this pie later! Thanks for sharing that!

Chelsea Walton says:

Give us a pic.

Wendy Reaves says:

This pie is so delicious. I've made it twice. Once with dark corn syrup and once with light corn syrup. Both were great. I finally found the light brown corn syrup at Trader's Joe. I'm excited to make it tomorrow. Also, I had to bake my pies for an extra 25 minutes. However, it's the best pecan pie I've tasted. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe.

Cassandra Williams says:

Great recipe 🙂

Cindie Permenter says:

My mom made pecan pie just like this! The best recipe hands down!

hide replies says:

My mouth is watering for that. I love pecan pie.

Bavaian Oakleaf says:

just baked one and it came out good…thank you and God Bless…

Zayed Bensouda says:

Hi, we love your recipes! They always turn out great! We want to make this pecan pie but can't find corn syrup in our city. Can you please share the ingredients without corn syrup? Thank you so much!

Blue Bell says:

Salted or unsalted butter

Diana Arash says:

Amazing simple recipe thx sir


I love this video and I would pay u a 1000 dollars to give me that that is how bad I love them

sunshinesnuggls says:

i just made this it tastes really good but too sweet for me i'll probably cut the sugar in half next time

El Bahdja Steit says:

Thanks for your gorgeous video! ☺..please continue posting more of your recipes 💋

Jennifer Homa says:

Loved it….was perfect….mine only took 55 min for my oven

Patrick Bateman says:

Can you bake the pie in a days advance? Or is it something best served fresh? Thinking about making this for christmas, thank you!

Giselle Maximo says:

What temperature for the oven and how long do I cook it for?

Latasha Dooley says:

I feel so stupid I could have been making this pie a long time ago….I ❤ pecan pie 😄

Terry Lust says:

I've never made a pecan pie, and I can tell you, I've been cooking for a very long time. I was intimated, and also thought pecan pie was just too sweet to bother. Besides, I'm a purist….Pumpkin Pie rules at my house. So, I was surprised my grown son requested pecan pie. I thought I'd raised him better than that! Oh well….SO, I went searching for a recipe, and found this one. OH MY!! This is the best pecan pie I've ever had, and all of my family agrees. It is so easy, and it has the PERFECT amount of sweetness to it!! The only thing I changed was to add about 1/4 teaspoon of kosher salt. Man oh man….this is IT!!! Thank you so much for changing this pumpkin head and showing me how easy and awesome pecan pie can be!!!!

Tal Burshtein says:

Can I use a maple syrup instead of the Corn?

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