My Fav Dairy free Foods and Substitutes!

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Sorry this is up a day late! I’m reworking my schedule so that I can be more effective uploading on time :).

Brands mentioned:
(Look through their sites, because they have a lot more than what I mentioned, and you can look to see where their products are sold near you!)
-So Delicious:
-Almond Dream: (they do have yogurt!)
-Earth Balance:
-Plant Fusion:

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Farooq Islam says:

The substitues you showed. A lot of items are so processed which are not healthy. Real cream cheese or yougart is natural
and probiotic coconut milk is fine.Sorry I do not want to hurt you. In the long run you will be malnutrition. Stick to nature as much as you can.Gluton may be a problem.

Bridgette Willis says:

Thank you for the information

kim VanDerMolen says:

Would you ever do an updated video? I am newly dairy free due to my pcos and could totally use the help!

Rebecca Dobson says:

I've found out I have to go dairy and gluten free by my doctor and I'm struggling 😫

A C O R N says:

I don’t eat dairy ( I try not to eat gluten. But I eat bread) but I don’t want to go soy free or vegan because then, I CANT EAT!!!!!

A C O R N says:

I always get a pink drink at Starbucks bc it has coconut milk

Mikayla Byers says:

I'm 17 and I just found out that I'm lactose intolerant

Mikayla Byers says:

Ben and jerrys makes dairy free ice cream

Erike says:

I am dairy intolerant two ☺

Sarah Johnson says:

I'm considering going dairy free. Thanks for giving me hope!

heyyyitscayla says:

Being Dairy free for me is very hard because I have a dairy in intolerance but I also have a peanut and tree nut allergy so I can never have coconut and or almond products but, HEY! i manage 😀

Janicke B.M. says:

Lara bars and kind bars. I love the peanut butter chocolate chip and pecan maple with sea salt flavors!!
I just started an elimination diet to see if dairy and gluten are the culprits of my eczema and acne. Curious how long after going df and gf did you see a difference in your body and how you feel?

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