My favorite Salmon Recipe | Miso Mayo Salmon Rice Bowl | Japanese Recipes

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Do you like salmon? This dish is a variation of “Chan-chan yaki” which is a classic menu from Hokkaido(Northern Japan). My little tweak is to add some Mayo to make it richer and tastier. Enjoy!

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[Ingredients / 1 serving]
Salmon 4 oz
Onion 1/4
Shimeji Mushroom 2 oz
Japanese short-grain rice

How to cook Japanese rice in rice cooker

How to cook Japanese rice in pot

Miso 1 tbsp
Mirin 1 tbsp
Sake 1 tbsp
Kewpie mayo 1 tsp

My Midnight Japanese Recipes shares Japanese comfort food recipes that I cook and eat (usually around midnight : ) . Nothing serious but easy, yet tasty and satisfying food that I love.


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Azran Zabidi says:

ur gonna be famous and ur recipes SLAP! Best of luck to u sir! <3

Bleh Projects says:

I'd love to see your take on my favorite food: Breakfast tacos!!! Is there such thing as Japanese style breakfast tacos?

Dejoanna Mindo says:

This recipe was simple and delicious. I loved it.😍😍😍

Ann To says:

😍😍😍 yummmm. I need to try that. I've been wrapping pork belly with emoji. I rub miso on one side on the pork belly and then pan fry it. 🤤

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