MY MORNING DRINK RECIPES (chai latte & whipped coffee) + new decor!!

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Sharing my 2 FAVORITE drink recipes that I always make in the mornings! My starbucks chai latte dupe & the tiktok whipped coffee!!! I also got some new home decor for the living room :)

Helloooo whoever is reading the description!!! I post every Monday, Wednesday & Friday over here and hope you’ll subscribe for all the funnn!
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– 1/2 cup milk (I used almond milk)
– 1/2 cup tazo chai concentrate
– french vanilla creamer (to taste_

– 1 tbsp instant coffee
– 1 tbsp sugar
– 1 tbsp hot water
Whisk together for 3-5 minutes & mix with milk
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MarihanFarid says:

can I just tell you that I watched this vlog 3 times back to back because I felt like I couldn't get enough Tara for the morning?

Julie F says:

I love long vlogs so much!! Especially yours!

Adriana Luciani says:

It’s a Greek frappes

Brianna Allen says:

Yess girl, I’m so happy for some reason you answered a question about smoking 😂

Shannon Hibbs says:

I didn't get my license til I was 29! I was also extremely nervous & still am. I have 3 kids & everything is super far where I live so I had to get it, but I feel you! ❤❤

Jacinta Vergara says:

As a healthcare worker please do not buy those blue masks. They do not prevent you catching COVID-19, they only prevent others getting say the common cold off you if you have it. xx

Taylor Paton says:

I found you on TikTok cause of crazy neighbour but I subscribed cause you seem so chill and genuine, food weed TikTok and you're Canadian?? girl, I wanna be friends!!!! lol

Renae Simes says:

I’ve commented this before ahah but that’s how I found you back in the day was from tumblr!! I used to follow you and you would post your YouTube videos on there and that’s when I subbed!!!
So proud of you for starting Your own store and have been doing so much and coming so far!! It’s so awesome to see and it’s so weird that I’ve watched you for so long hahaha crazy watching you grow/grow up.. but to think about what I was like back then is pretty hilarious 😂😂 so much love for you 💓

Erica Portillo says:

Do a video about your jewelry 😭 I love your bracelets and would like to know where they’re from or just add a little clip in a vlog pleaseee 💛

MA says:

Every freaking Tara's vlog makes me wanna get my life together!
Am I the only one? Haha💜

Alex Mion says:

the frames look so much better!

Tanya Karazan says:

You are giving me anxiety with how you are cutting that avocado! 😯😦😧

Safiyya S says:

you only need 5 mins?? wow, it takes me 30-40 mins to whip the coffee to get it right hahahaha (i only use a fork tho, don’t have a whisk lol)

Oracle System says:

Your not alone in the break up in quarantine. It happened to me on Wednesday, found out I was being emotionally abused and used for money.

Gary smelling you later since 1997 says:

I agree with the driving thing. I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets anxiety from driving!

Carly Pair says:

You should order a small push cart for your groceries since you walk.

Adri_ Fairyyy420 says:

"But when I end them..ya know" lmao we love Tara's honesty it's the cutest 💝🎀

lucia gomez says:

Hello Beautiful. I suggest that as soon as you get home you try to touch as little objects as possible and do not touch your face, save your purchase and soon wash your hands. A greeting from Spain.

moonlight says:


Sophie Royer says:

I really liked this vlog. Really. Really. Every minute of content was great. Well done Tara. 😘 from France

D Cam says:

Disinfect your groceries when you get home tara.

Brenda G says:

nooo don’t do the shelves

Jillian Daigle says:

The coffee looked like peanut butter so I was really excited to see the coffee but it turned out BETTER than I thought. Time to try some whipped coffee 😍😍 love a NEW quarantine activity

BornFancy says:

They say if you do get the virus and have a fever, try to keep your fever. Don’t take Tylenol unless your fever gets to like 103 or 104 and you get kinda scared lol. (or ibuprofen or Advil, don’t take those at all!) this virus hates the heat so I’ve heard a lot of nurses say to just try to keep your fever up, so lay under blankets, and keep hydrated for a few days and you should break the fever and the virus! Not sure if it works, but it could be worth a shot if anyone does get the virus!

Mara Tx says:

In Greece we call it "frappe" that coffee

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